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  • I must find him.

  • Transferring to manual.

  • All drone protocols active and green. You ready, Kali?

  • Give the word, Terrence.

  • Accessing MSR in ten...

  • We're five by five. My man, Rodney Brooks, your bug is amazing!

  • - What? - Nothing.

  • Scanning...

  • Rack H-17 confirmed. Trimming for landing, all systems green.

  • And... we... have...... touchdown. Processor located. And sighting.

  • Access confirmed, diving into subnet. Video feeds coming up.

  • Recording?

  • On it. Don't move yet, my bots are still disassembling the psi-barriers.

  • Where's Benjamin? Show me Benjamin.

  • Working...

  • Benjamin?

  • Oh god, he's deteriorated. We need to get him out of there now!

  • Out of my head, woman!

  • Shit... shit... SHIT... they ran a trace - they're on to me!

  • Righteous...

  • Psi-barriers down - Go! Go now!

  • They'll send a sweeper after you!

  • See to Benny, I'm good.

  • You think you're so smart?

  • I'm Terrence. I'm Righteous, you assholes! I'm The Trickster!

  • I know, I know!

  • Benjamin!

  • Benjamin?

  • Benny, I came back for you!

  • Righteous, we're free! Are you clear?

  • Righteous?

  • Terrence?

  • You good, babe?

  • It's not over. Stay off the grid. There's a war coming

  • Sign me up.

  • Thank you, Terrence.

  • Heh, I still got a shot with her.

I must find him.

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