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People have this weird urge to comment on my race.
So what exactly are you?
Um, well I'm Japanese, Hawaiian, Filipino
Woah, you are way too Asian
English, German, Spanish, French, Irish
Wow, you are not Asian enough
It's especially weird when they say
You're white washed
The only legit example of "white washed" I can think of is Hollywood
Like when somehow Emma Stone classified as a Chinese Hawaiian woman
Or when "The Martian" took all of its Asian and Indian roles from the book
And gave it to white and black actors
Or when, fun fact, the script for the live action version of "Mulan" completely did away with Li Shang
And introduced a Roman dude
Hey Hollywood!
You're embarrassing yourself
My problem with calling a person of color "white washed"
is that it heavily implies that that person isn't meeting their ethnic stereotypes.
Oh... I'm not very good at math
Oh, yeah you don't have to lie.
I'm not here just to copy your homework, I actually like you
Now, solve for x.
People are products of their environment
So unless you are surrounded by your heritage growing up
You're more likely to be a product of where you are and who you're with
Uh yeah, I just gotta warn you, Anna's a little..... um... different
Uh, different how?
She was raised by wolves.
[Very long howl]
[Sigh] She's so wolf-washed
Saying that someone isn't "Asian enough," "black enough," "Indian enough," "Hispanic enough", whatever enough
is basically saying that they don't represent your idea of what the color of their skin means.
I asked a bunch of people on Twitter if they'd ever been called "white washed," and why?
And I noticed a bunch of the same reasons popping up
Their food preferences weren't in line with their culture
They didn't speak the native tongue
Or they simply hung out with people outside of their own race.
Can we please agree, people, that race does not define who you are or where you're from
And to make assumptions about a person based on those stereotypes
And then to throw slurs at them when they don't fulfill that idea of who you think they should be?
That's rude
I'm Anna Akana.
Stay awesome, Gotham
Of all the videos in all of Youtube, Squarespace chose mine
In two shakes of a lamb's tail you could be building your website today.
At Squarespace dot com
I've never seen anything like it
They have it all
Professional designs, regardless of your skill level
Absolutely no coding required
Intuitive and easy to use tools
And it's all for only eight bucks a month
Plus a free domain if you sign up for a year
They gave me an offer code I couldn't refuse
"Anna" to be used at checkout for ten percent off
Heck, you can even start your free trial today
No credit card required
Squarespace, stuff that dreams are made of
Should I believe in God, and if so, which one should I believe in?
You know, should I believe in the traditional, Western version of God
Where he's this omnipotent dude who sits in the sky
And watches everything that I do, because he's got a subscription to me?
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Am I White Washed?

30205 Folder Collection
Kristi Yang published on June 10, 2016    Kristi Yang translated    Kristi Yang reviewed
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