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Hey head squeezers, I hope you're well. Check this one out from Harry B who asks, What are
goosebumps? Well Harry, they are actually evidence of our hairy past. We are known as
the naked apes and you can kindof see a little bit why. But even more so if you look at our
primate relative who are a particular furry bunch.
Cool fact for you, most of the hair we have in the past we still have now. It's just been
highly miniaturised. If you have a look at each hair follicle connected to each one is
a piloerector muscle. Now if we feel cold or if something goes bump in the night and
we feel intensive fear then that piloerector muscle shoots that hair out. Why? Well again
we need to look at our primate friends for this. If we feel cold, the hair stands up
on end, and for our little guy there, that traps a layer of air around his skin. Essentially
a layer of insulation. Not much use to us really anymore, we just pop on a jumper or
a fleece if that happens. What about the fear? Well the adrenalin response
fires up those hairs and it actually makes the animal look a bit bigger so the predator
that was attacking it goes huuhhhhh??? And in that little moment of time they can either
run off or they can launch an attack on their predator. It's the fight or flight response.
Again, not really that useful for us anymore we just end up looking like the last plucked
turkey in the shop window at Christmas. So there you go Harry, I hope that answers that
one, I hope you enjoyed it. If you got any ideas for any of the other
head squeeze strands, you want the guys to do? Maybe a big experiment? Or something like
that? Pop it below. If you haven't subscribed give us a sub cause these will drop straight
in to your feed. And until next time happy head squeezing.
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What are Goosebumps? | Greg Foot | Head Squeeze

504 Folder Collection
林旻君 published on February 19, 2016
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