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  • Buying sports shoes.

  • Hi.

  • Hello.

  • I was wondering if you can help me?

  • Sure, what can I help you with?

  • I need some new shoes for running.

  • Yes, I can help you with that. What type of running do you do, track, road or trail?

  • I run on the road mostly.

  • How many kilometers do you run each week?

  • I run 20 to 30 kilometers every week.

  • Have you had any injuries in the past?

  • I have had some knee pain in the past.

  • You will need a shoe with good support and cushioning.

  • Which shoes would be most suitable?

  • In my opinion, these two models would be the best for your needs.

  • Okay, they look good. Why are they the best?

  • They both offer lots of support and cushioning.

  • They're both great for anyone that experiences knee pain.

  • What are the differences between them?

  • There isn't a lot of difference between them. They're both great for running lots of kilometers so it comes down to which one you like better.

  • Do you have them in size 10?

  • Yes, I'll get you both models in size 10.

  • You can try both of them and decide which one feels more comfortable.

  • Okay, thank you.

  • Here's both models in size 10. Try the first pair on and go for a walk around the store.

  • Okay, this pair feels quite secure on my feet and soft to walk in.

  • Do you feel any movement in the shoe when you're walking around?

  • No, they feel great.

  • I'll just do another lap of the store and then I'll try on the other pair.

  • Okay, here's the other pair.

  • They feel great too, slightly looser than the other pair but they still feel secure.

  • Go for a walk in them and see what you think.

  • They feel good, but, I prefer the fit of the first pair.

  • Okay, would you like to buy the first pair?

  • Yes, please. I will take the first pair.

  • No problem, I'll pack them up for you and you can pay at the cash register.

  • Thank you for your help.

  • You're welcome, have a nice day.

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Are you interested in expanding your English conversation topics?

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English Conversation Topics - Buying Sports Shoes

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