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There she is. Katniss Everdeen. The girl on fire!
It's set to be one of the biggest film releases of 2013. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is
here, and we've been digging around for all the behind the scenes gossip, including fighting
with invisible monkeys, picking on J-Law and bathroom issues for Elizabeth Banks.
It takes about four people to take me to the bathroom.
Chins up. Smiles on.
That's not something you see everyday, so yeah. My dignity is right out the window when
it comes to being Effie. I put it all on the line.
From peeing to fighting invisible monkeys. Here's Josh Hutcherson who plays Peeta.
Down monkey! Like that, but like in different moves and swinging motions. You know, hey.
Training. Years of training for that. It's not easy.
And when not fighting pretend primates, Josh was apparently playing pranks on star, Jennifer
Jen and Josh's amazing relationship and the amount of new ways they could f**k with each
other. I mean, I literally thought it would run out at one point, and I was like oh we're
going to see the same schtick again and again, but really it was just everyday. Everyday.
Day and after day. Every single day it was a new thing, and they literally. I mean, laughter
has to be about surprise, right? You can't always laugh at like the same thing. Made
me laugh like a newborn child every single day on set. Just like I couldn't even imagine
it was happening in front of me.
Yeah, the chemistry between those two is sort of a gift. Yeah, it's incredible.
I don't know. I'm not really that bad to Josh. Josh is pretty awful to me.
All I can think about is Josh being awful to me. Yeah, I'm kind of the innocent victim here.
They all pose a threat.
Despite the obvious chemistry between the cast, Jen insists there's no chance of a real
life romance.
Josh, Liam and I are very much on the same page of neither one of us could ever be attracted
to teach other.
Hunger Games Catching Fire opens in cinemas on November the 22nd.
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Hunger Games' Josh Hutcherson fights invisible monkeys and pranks Jennifer Lawrence

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古孟禾 published on February 14, 2016
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