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I'm gonna make the most delicious, beautiful potato dauphinoise; creamy, oozy, cheesy,
melt in your mouth, absolutely gorgeous. Normally, like the dauphinoise would take
a couple of hours to cook but the way I'm gonna do it, the way I'm gonna cheat it, it's
gonna be incredible and way quicker. First of all I've got a kilo of nice, Maris Piper
potatoes. Instead of trying to slice it all by hand use your food processor, that's what
it's invented for. Not even doing any work. So, in a tray I'm gonna put the potatoes in
here. Onions are gonna go through as well. So onions and potatoes, the base of the flavour.
I need the kettle, put that on, and then we're gonna put a nice pinch of salt, some pepper.
We're going to use a little cream. I'm gonna use three quarters of this pot. This is no
longer a classic recipe now, this is just taking some of the accents of flavour. It's
gonna cook quicker, for busy people. I still want nice food though, you know. A little
thyme from over here. Just a little snip of that. So I'm gonna whack this on the hob now.
I'm gonna put a little bit of that boiling water in here. Just enough to come about a
quarter of the way up and I'm gonna put that on full whack. I'm gonna bring that to a boil.
These potatoes are gonna cook on the hob and then we use the oven to sort of get it gratinated
and sort of golden and bubbly and delicious. So I'm gonna add a few key ingredients. Anchovies;
you can put a bit of the oil in as well, that won't hurt. Just two or three anchovies, just
break them up with your hand. They'll melt into a nothingness, yeah. But it's like a
saltiness, a seasy saltiness that just makes this dish beautiful. Also garlic. Bang it
in, don't even bother peeling it. And squash that in. And what I wanna do now is just put
a little nutmeg. About a quarter of a nutmeg goes in and then just a little bit of parmesan
now. Little bit of parmesan go in like that. Now I'm gonna cover that now with tin foil,
I'm gonna turn the heat down. Let that just cook for about six minutes.
I'm gonna take this tin foil off of the potatoes here. Put an extra bit of parmesan on the top and this
is one of my favourite potato dishes. And then we'll get this straight in the oven and
that'll start gratinating and getting really gnarly and beautiful. So that goes straight
in there. Let's go and have a look at the potatoes. This is the dish that would take
so much time to do it traditionally and look at that. Beautiful! Crispy on the top, soft,
and sort of numptious, in the middle. It absolutely fills the dauphinoise hole that I've always loved.
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Jamie's Quick Potato Dauphinoise

1734 Folder Collection
Yi Min Chiang published on February 14, 2016
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