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Today I'm gonna introduce you to the
Cyclo Polisher.
The Cyclo Polisher is a world-class polishing machine that polishes and restores paintwork,
but also scrubs carpet, upholstery, and any type of fabric surface.
The Cyclo Polisher is made right here in the USA.
It features a unique design that uses two dual-action heads to polish any surface quickly
and easily.
The Cyclo Polisher is built out of heavy duty metal.
It's extremely heavy duty, it's easy to use, and nicely balanced
to polish any car, truck, motorcycle, or RV.
I'm gonna go over the polisher that we'll be selling on our website:
because Chemical Guys is an authorized Cyclo dealer.
To purchase any type of Cyclo tools, pads, brushes, or accessories,
you can come to our website:
for the world's greatest detailing products.
Let's talk about the Cyclo.
The Cyclo is a great machine for polishing any vehicle
because the smaller heads can get into tight areas,
and you can still cover larger areas like doors, hoods, and trunks.
This machine is real heavy duty, and built in the USA.
It has a strong, heavy duty switch,
so you know it's on or off,
a long durable cord,
and an easy to grip rubber handle.
I'm going to use the Cyclo on this BMW to restore
the black paintwork to its original finish.
The Cyclo comes with a few extra pads in the kit:
It comes with two orange cutting pads,
two green polishing pads,
and two white finishing pads to get the best result.
We're gonna use our V-Line of polishes to restore the paintwork
and remove any swirls or scratches.
The Cyclo machine is designed to go through years of detailing use.
It's easy to use,
and also features a 6-speed variable controller,
so you can easily change the speed of the machine
to accommodate any detailing job.
Let's get polishing!
First thing you want to do is attach the heads.
The heads come separate from the machine, so you want to open up the package and attach
them to the machine.
That way you can change them out to use carpet brushes as well.
Once you attach the hook and loop backing plates,
take the foam pad and press it right on the top.
The hook and loop design allows a tight and secure fit of the buffing pads
right on the machine so they're ready to go.
I'll turn my machine to speed setting 1 to start the polishing.
Let's grab some V32.
We're gonna use our V32 Extreme Compound on this vehicle because it has heavy swirl marks and scratches,
and it hasn't been polished in years.
I'll add a few dots of our V32 to the polishing pads...
and then I'll add some pad conditioner.
I'll spray a couple sprays just to get us started so we can easily polish the surface.
Now I'll spread out the polish over the surface and start out on speed setting 1.
Once we have it all spread out, I'll bump it right up to speed setting 6.
I just finished polishing half the trunk with the Cyclo.
I'm getting fantastic results.
I'll take a microfiber towel and buff off any excess compound.
This removed all the heavy swirl marks and scratches for a dramatic difference!
This paint is extremely weathered,
but the Cyclo and our V-Line of polishes is really restoring the paintwork.
Now I'll move on to the second step of polishing.
BMW uses a harder type of paint, so we can finish with V36 after the compound
for the best result.
The buffing pads remove easily from the machine,
and I'll switch to the ultra-fine white finishing pads.
They easily align, but you can take them right off if you get a misalignment.
I'll turn the machine back down to speed setting 1,
and apply my V36 Optical Grade Cutting Polish.
I'll put just 4 dots on each pad,
that's all we need to do this half of the trunk.
I'm also going to spray two sprays of my pad conditioner and get polishing.
I like the weight of the Cyclo.
It feels heavy duty and good in the hands.
Plus you feel the built in USA quality.
I'll finishing polishing the trunk for the results we want to get.
We've finished our second polishing step to restore this black BMW paintwork.
I'll grab another microfiber towel and buff off the V36.
V32 and V36 completely did the trick and restored this black paintwork.
Let's see the difference and pull off our 50/50 tape...
and that is a HUGE difference we got on this trunk!
The paint used to be totally swirled, it had heavy oxidation.
It looked totally dull, but we just restored that rich, black BMW paint to the finish.
It's all thanks to the Cyclo and the V-Line of polishes working together for the best result.
If you want to pick up the Cyclo polisher,
the world-famous polisher built right here in the USA,
you can check it out on our website:
You can also purchase any Cyclo accessories, such as
pads and brushes because we are an authorized Cyclo dealer for online sales.
If you have any questions about the Cyclo, you can call us here at Chemical Guys to get
your questions answered,
or you can find all of our V-Line of polishes, and our pad conditioner as well.
Always remember:
Have fun,
stay clean,
and keep on detailing!
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Cyclo Model 5-Pro Polisher - Chemical Guys Professional Auto Detailing - Buffing and Polishing

696 Folder Collection
游凱捷 published on February 11, 2016
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