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I always think about the future and what I want to do
but I never thought about how life would turn out after Melodifestivalen
because I didn't know how it would go and so I couldn't foresee a scenario
I could never have dreamed of this to happen in Sweden
Number one on the album chart and crazy signing tours
I never ever thought of this
You have some crazy fans?
Tell me about it...
The last signing in Gothenburg, Nordstan, we parked the tour bus further away
And then later when we were going home we went to the tour bus
and about 15 fans stood outside the bus
We had candy cars which I kissed and threw out just to see their reactions
They ran around like doves on the street, like when you feed them bread
And I did it several times just to see the reactions
They fell over and ran and picked the candy from the street and ate it
It was so funny to see how they reacted
In Japan they're a bit calmer in general
Even if it seems like a hysterical country it's really just the tv shows that are crazy, the people are very calm
What do you prefer?
Sweden is funnier, there's more going on
Some new popstars buy cars and houses, but you've bought a bird?
Yeah, but I get lonely at home sometimes. You need a little budgie
I like birds, we get along, always did
What happens next?
I don't have a lot scheduled right now since the album is out and will be released in Japan in a month
I guess I'll be going there then
But otherwise I will be rehearsing for the fall tour that starts in September
The final stop at Annexet October 5, be there everyone
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YOHIO om sina galna fans: De sprang omkring som duvor

674 Folder Collection
Black Angle published on February 11, 2016
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