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Hello, you came to me
Giving me your shy scent
In my hazy dream
You were shining, dazzling
With a fluttering heart, without knowing
I went to you, step by step
And I stayed by your side
My heart melts at your smile
When our eyes meet
My heart pounds
Oh remember my smile in your heart
Think about it several times a day
Oh words I want to say you to
You’re beautiful
Thank you for meeting me
I see you, always the same
Your thick scent that waited for me
Deeply rings in me
With this mysterious and strong attraction
I want to spread my wings toward you
My heart melts at your smile
When our eyes meet
My heart pounds
Oh I’ll sing for you on your spring day
Think about it several times a day
Oh this is what I think of you
You’re beautiful
When you’re glad to see me
My heart flutters
It’s like walking on a cloud
Like magic, I’m taking one more step to you
The season of you and me has come again
Can you remember this?
Oh yeah all right
I’m so lucky to have met you
If we meet again, I want to tell you
Fly to you, stay by my side
You're beautiful
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[FMV] Baekhyun (백현) - Beautiful (두근거려) | EXO Next Door OST

804 Folder Collection
黃靜文 published on February 11, 2016
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