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Hey, everyone. It's Charly here with Yummy Japan.
And we are here at Nogizaka to try this amazing yakitori shop called Toriko.
And today we are gonna learn how to eat yakitori because yes, there is a way to eat yakitori.
Let's go check it out.
Okay, so we are in the restaurant.
And I just can't wait to try those yakitori. They look really delicious.
Okay, let's introduce some of the staff working here.
My name is Kenta Yokohama.
I'm working here in Toriko.
And today I'm gonna tell you how to eat yakitori.
One thing that really surprises me is that there are a lot of wine you can drink
which is kinda rare for this kind of restaurant.
This is sabiyaki
which is white meat around breasts and with whipped wasabi on top.
It's really really good.
Wasabi gives it a little bit of spiciness.
How you eat is up to you
but we really recommend: from light one to heavy one
which is from salt to soy sauce
When I finish, what do I do with this?
You can put it here.
There's a stick box
This was only the first one and wow it really delivers! That was really really good!
This is Seseri
-Seseri is the neck -The neck of chicken? wow
I was always wondering but is it okay if I eat this Yakitori with my chopsticks like this?
Well you can do that but I don't think you should do it
Oh why?
Coz if you do that it will really cool down, and it will taste like sh....
I think it's the first time I've had chicken neck
It's funny I always thought chicken neck was actually really hard, but it's actually really soft!
and delicious!!
This is gizzard
I'm surprised, compared to other Yakitori shops where it's really hard like a rock, this one is actually soft
The chicken doesn't have any teeth so they have to crush their food with gizzard
This is hearts
Well that's really different from the Yakitori we have in France
Wow! I mean, I always say "wow" but this one is really good!!
This is negima
These are spicies
and this is 7 kinds of spicies
Actually it really gives it some sort of kick, pretty interesting
This is liver
I looove liver!
This is really fresh so we don't have to heat it a lot
It's kind of rare inside
Oh my god! Perfect! Let's try it with wine
Perfect match!
This is enmusubi
Never had enmusubi before
The one you have now is oesophagus
Why do we eat this one last?
I think it's the heaviest one
That's really good!
I thought it was a tomato but it's acutally an egg, it's very melty
Soft and delicious
We have Torikou here in Tokyo, this is yakitori, for foreigners of course, with wines
if you're looking for a great time, please come and enjoy here
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How to Eat Yakitori/ Best Yakitori in Tokyo 乃木坂 鳥幸

2615 Folder Collection
Yummy Japan published on February 8, 2016
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