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I started as a nobody
and grew up as a freak
My dad drank booze
My mom smoked pot
I had a poor physique
But now I'm running Gotham
cause that Bat's delirious
I shoot up all the good guys asking
Why so serious?
Can't read my
Can't read my
No they can't read my joker face
Cause I'm a psychopathic killer
Can't read my
Can't read my
No they can't read my joker face
I even killed the fat bus driver
Obi-Wan Kenobi
and Yoda
I'm wearing black space pants
My name is Vader
and I'll blow up you world
I'm your dad
and I wear black space pants
I am the Dark lord and I'll never be loved
I'm your dad and I wear black space pants
The Jew Hunter's here
I'm smelling the fear
Some may call me cruel
but I got beat up in high school
So I take it out
on every single Jew throughout
Germany and France
I'm a real bad man
You're dead unless you somehow stop me
Cause I'm a
I'm a Nazi
I'm a mastermind
I won't stop until those Jews are mine
I'm Tarantino's man
I killed a girl named Anne (Frank)
Can't stop me
Cause I'm a
I'm a Nazi
I've got a thing
for shooting guys
They're too distracted by my size
I'm curving bullets and
I'm sticking it to the man
I'm flipping cars and looking hot
Cause I've got implants
It's gonna be okay
big big - boob- boobs
Got implants
Don't get in my way
I've got big boobs
Got implants
I'll blow you away
big big - boob boobs
Got implants
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Movie Villain Medley (lyrics)

14716 Folder Collection
Alice Su published on February 21, 2016    Alice Su translated    Reina reviewed
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