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(lively techno music)
- [Voiceover] This is the Carbon Flyer,
the world's first super tough,
super fast, blue-tooth controlled
carbon fiber drone.
The Carbon Flyer is the ultimate tech toy.
We've created a revolutionary plane
using actual carbon fiber.
We've equipped the Carbon Flyer
with twin high-output motors,
a long-range blue-tooth control module,
LED running lights,
and an onboard camera.
- Carbon fiber is 10 times stronger than aluminum.
It has 100 times the strength to weight ratio of steel,
and it is more than a thousand times stronger
than the toughest phone.
This prototype right here
impacted the side of buildings and concrete surfaces
over a dozen times at high speed.
(energetic techno music)
- [Voiceover] The Carbon Flyer can be controlled
up to 240 feet away,
using either an android or Apple smartphone.
Blue-tooth allows for a two-way communication
with the plane,
providing real-time battery and connectivity steps.
Our interactive app allows the pilot
to control the plane's air speed,
altitude and steering using only one hand.
(waves crashing) (pulsing electronic music)
- I'm Derrick.
I'm passionate about drones,
and I've met many people who want to fly drones,
but found them really hard to control.
I want to help, because I feel that
they are missing out on the fun of aerofiliming.
That is why we came out with the idea of Ghost.
This is a traditional remote controller
that has many switches and knobs,
which can be very hard to master.
One bad move, and a mistake
can be very expensive.
Most of the drones also require assembly,
but not everyone has the time or skills to do that.
- [Voiceover] Ghost comes pre-assembled,
and is ready to fly right out of the box.
Our app makes it super easy to pilot.
Simply tap Unlock,
then Takeoff,
and Ghost will rise and hover.
Now, tap a spot on the map,
and Ghost will fly there immediately.
To get it back, just hit Return,
and Ghost will take the shortest route
back to its takeoff point.
Press Land, and Ghost will descend
and land gently.
For advanced control, tap Hover
to make Ghost hold the current spot,
and enter the Micro-Control mode.
(lively electronic music)
Here, you can adjust Ghost's direction,
speed, camera angles and more.
Not only is Ghost user-friendly,
it's designed with quality parts
and has great features and performance.
- What's really cool about the Ghost, though,
is it's customizability with respect
to both hardware and software.
One project that I'm working on
is mounting this RP-LIDAR unit from Robopeak
on the Ghost drone,
giving it the ability to sense its surroundings.
With the data from the LIDAR,
the Ghost'll be able to detect obstacles
like trees and buildings,
and adjust its flight path as necessary.
I'm also really looking forward to developing
the Ghost SDK, which includes libraries
for both Java and C#.
I also see some awesome integration posssibilities
with input devices, like Leap Motion,
Myo, and my own device, Tact.
(upbeat electronic music)
- C-mi is different from anything
on the market right now, in the sense
that it solves the problem of how you control
the entire flying, movie and image capture process
from a single device.
What it does is make flying easier
by bringing automation of those systems
inside of the flyer, and allows you to concentrate
on where you want the vehicle to be,
the images and video you want to capture,
and then to be able to rapidly share it with your friends.
My name is Mark Richardson.
I'm in charge of Polyhelo,
which is a group of great engineers
and enthusiasts building drones
for people to take photographs of themselves,
and the environment, and then just generally have fun with.
I'm a former planetary scientist,
and I was involved with NASA
in exploration of the solar system.
What's really exciting about Polyhelo
is the opportunity to bring a lot of those technologies
that we used in getting vehicles to land on Mars
and to orbit around Venus,
and use those to make personal flyers
easier to use.
- [Voiceover] C-mi is the first networked camera drone
you control seamlessly from a single mobile app.
C-mi's 1080p HD camera
is housed inside of C-mi, extending down from the flyer
at takeoff, and retracting when it lands.
C-mi is a light-weight, compact,
and portable drone.
You can take it anywhere in a traditional camera bag.
C-mi's legs detach easily
for travel and storage, part replacement,
and for future component upgrades.
C-mi has multiple flight modes,
including Orbit, Pano, Follow
and Manual Control.
C-mi can orbit clockwise or counter-clockwise around you.
In Pano mode, C-mi will remain
in a fixed position while turning and capturing
amazing panoramic shots.
For Follow mode shots, C-mi includes
an attachable water and sweat-proof tracking device.
This rugged GPS tracker enables you
to put your mobile device down,
and focus completely on your task.
In Follow mode, C-mi will adjust to your position,
as well as to increases and decreases in speed,
so you don't even have to think about C-mi.
When flying C-mi manually,
you can select where you want
the flyer to go next.
Just enter your chosen destination,
and C-mi will take off and will wait there for you.
And your aerial video and photos
will be completely stable,
because C-mi's in-house camera unit
is controlled in a unique two-axis microgimbal,
which automatically adjusts itself at every turn.
- So the Ashima Core is a flight-controlled computer
at the heart of C-mi.
It's a powerful little computer
that takes care of all the flight control algorithms,
figuring out how to keep the vehicle stable,
it's ability to understand where up and down is,
but it's moving strongly in one direction,
and it plugs into the GPS system,
allowing for a full navigation solution.
- [Voiceover] While in flight,
C-mi allows you to live feed video
straight to your mobile device.
Then you can instantly upload your videos
and images to any social media platform
with an open API.
You can share your video, and grow your social following
before C-mi touches down.
(tranquil music)
- [Voiceover] What do you think it takes
to get high quality drone footage like this?
A professional drone operator?
A cameraman?
Expensive equipment?
Or simply
- This.
- [Voiceover] Introducing the CyPhy LVL 1 drone,
a drone that lets absolutely anyone
capture footage like never before.
CyPhy's Level-Up technology is the real breakthrough.
By using six rotors, the drone can fly without tilting,
making it simple and intuitive enough
for anyone to fly.
Plus, you get professional, stable footage
without an exposed gimbal.
Because Level-Up gets rid of the usual
multi-rotor wild tilting, the interface can be simplified.
To fly, just swipe.
Swiping is a superior interface
that allows you to see what you're capturing
while flying, unlike tilting
or joystick-only navigation.
Our flying interface can be downloaded
as an app on your smartphone.
It's simple, accurate and fun.
Because drone flying is better when it's shared,
the LVL 1 can post shots and video
real-time to your social network of choice.
(alarm ringing)
And with the new Geo-Fence technology,
you can define the area in which you want to fly.
Your drone will stay within your boundaries of choice,
allowing everyone from beginners to experts
to practice their piloting skills with confidence.
- So far CyPhy Works has been building drones
for industrial application.
But we want to bring out drone inventions to everyone
at consumer-friendly prices.
(upbeat electronic music)
Plus, we just love robots.
- So really we put our full technological expertise
into designing a drone for the consumer
that gives professional video quality and stability,
but doesn't require professional knowledge to fly it.
Our drone will come with a 1080p high-quality camera,
and it will be ready out of the box
for everything from playing videos,
to action filming.
- [Voiceover] Thanks to the CyPhy LVL 1's capabilities,
instead of worrying about the drone itself,
you can focus on the experience.
The CyPhy LVL 1 is simple to fly,
captures exactly what you want,
and shares it in real time.
This is the first drone for absolutely everyone,
from the drone company, CyPhy.
(energetic electronic music)
- We're really excited
to introduce the PlexiDrone.
We have thought about the things
that people don't really think about.
How do you improve drone technology?
How do you make it accessible to everyone?
How do you inspire people to create
using drone technology?
- At DreamQii Robotics we believe technology
should be building bridges
towards new levels of creativity and productivity,
rather than barriers,
and the PlexiDrone is one of those technologies.
- [Klever] A drone that you can snap together
and take apart in less than one minute.
And when you're done,
you just put it into your hard-shelled backpack,
and take it anywhere that you want to go.
- [Nik] The Plexipack is something we designed
in order to carry everything you need
to capture all of your great shots that you want,
and carry it with you everywhere you go.
Anywhere you can go with a backpack,
you can take the PlexiDrone.
- [Klever] With the PlexiDrone,
you can carry more than just a camera.
With very simple payload clips
you're able to just snap on whatever it is
that you want to put on there.
It's so simple.
Another unique feature about the PlexiDrone
is that it has retractable landing gear.
- [Nik] You will no longer have any kind of
junk in your shot.
You never have to crop anything out at the bottom.
It's just gonna be clear, beautiful,
360 view.
- [Klever] On the PlexiDrone,
GPS Follow Me is an amazing feature.
All that you do is press Follow Me
on your mobile device on your phone or your tablet,
and it's as easy as that.
- [Nik] I'ts gonna be very, very easy to use.
Everybody has a smartphone now.
Great, now you just saved yourself 800 bucks
for a controller.
- [Klever] Aside from that,
you're also able to control more than one of them
at the same time.
- [Nik] You will definitely find no drones
that you can control using
our Swarm technology.
It's completely new,
something you won't find anywhere else.
- [Klever] That means that you're able to view
the same scene from multiple vantage points.
You get the same shot with one user,
but many drones.
- [Nik] Our drone is equipped
with an ultrasonic sensor at the front of it.
It'll flash its lights and give you an audio message
to let you know (drone beeps)
that you're getting in its path.
- [Klever] You don't have to interpret
blinking LED lights,
because it tells you in its own voice.
- [Voiceover] Initialization sequence completed.
Are you even going to use me?
- [Nik] PlexiDrone is going to unleash new dimensions
of creativity and productivity,
and take your camera to places
that you never thought were possible.
(upbeat music)
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Top 5 Drones You Should Have [Drone With Camera]

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VoiceTube published on February 4, 2016
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