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OK, guys. Show us what you got.
God save us.
Kill 'em! Kill the bastards!
I do not believe my friggin' eyes.
These guys are a fucking disgrace.
And I'm telling you, Broom County is just visibly upset by this display.
Get places for the home games. Bring the kids.
We got entertainment for the whole family.
There goes Jeff Hanson into the corner. No, it's Jack.
17. I'll have to check that later. A crushing check on the boards!
Things are really going on out there now!
Now Steve is in front of the net. I think that's Steve. Yes. No. Yeah, it is Steve.
And I think that was Jack. It was Jeff or Jack.
These brothers are stomping all over...
- You! Out! - What?
- You! Out! - Huh? What for?
- You! Out! - No! No!
- Get your eyes examined, you idiot! - What are you doin'?
- They're all gone! - It was self-defence, for Christ's sake!
- They're gone! - How much do you expect a man to take?
- Don't come near me. - Are you runnin' a goddamn dance?
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The Hansons Play Dirty - Slap Shot (6/10) Movie CLIP (1977) HD

867 Folder Collection
fisher published on April 21, 2013
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