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Hello! Yeah I'm about to film this week's action ship. I'll call you back. Okay bye!
Guess where we are right now...
Hi and welcome to this week's Action Ship.
The weekly inspiration and action to get more out of every moment.
L.A.! We're in L.A.
New York... L.A... New York... L.A...
So Tony we are answering your question.
Tony wrote to me on facebook saying
"Could you do a video about scoliosis?
Doctors tell me nothing can reverse the curve.
Then a therapist told me otherwise. Please can you do a video.
I believe the reason why I have tight hamstrings and ankles is because of my back."
Oh Tony, brilliant question.
I know a bunch of people with scoliosis and I've had the pleasure to work with some of them
and see the improvement and changes that can really happen.
So it's time to throw out everything that the doctors have told you.
Throw out the labels and start to embody the possibility that you can change and improve.
Not just your spine but your flexibility and therefore your enjoyment of your life.
Can you believe it.. There's helicopters..
So the first thing you're going to do is stand up and test your flexibility.
Notice how flexible you're feeling in your spine today.
How flexible are you feeling in your hamstrings.
We're going to look at the lymph.
You're gonna brush your body and just imagine that you're getting your body to improve the lymph circulation.
So you're gonna brush up your legs.
Your arms, all over...
just imagine my body is improving the lymph so it's kind of like the clean out
garbage system or recycling system really.
Cleaning out the lymph.
Now I want you to notice, do you ever feel like you have a weight on the top of your head.
Maybe it's like there is a lead
or you're just carrying the world on your head and it's kind of squezzing you.
So I just want you to notice it.
Do you have that feeling at all in your body and if you do.
I want you to imagine you can just blow the lead off,
you can explode all the stuff that is holding you down and just allow yourself
to stand to a new length.
So as you do this, you start to create a clearer connection to the sky.
Kind of like this...
and your spine can become the anthena.
So your channel is unique but fundamental anatomical design of your spine is not.
So for this we need the sacrum, where did the sacrum go?
I think it's there somewhere...
You're gonna come with me while I get it.
So this is the studio where Eric and I has been teaching. Check out these pictures.
They're crazy.
Okay I'm gonna go get sacrum.
Sacrum, here it is.
Ching! Ching! Ching! Okay!
So you see these little flatform here, this is called the based of the sacrum and your spine, your shoulders, arms, all your organs,
your head and your brain are all resting on this flatform.
So if this is twisted or torn, it's gonna affect your whole spine and everything that is suspended for me.
So we're gonna start to find some more balance
through your sacrum into the intelligence of your spine.
So you're gonna take your hand and find your sacrum,
it's between your pelvic halves and you're gonna go down to the tip and you're gonna feel your tail bone.
Okay! We've got that.
Now you're just gonna move your tail forward and back.
Forward and back so you can move your whole pelvis and just notice is the tailbone moving equally? IS it moveing smootly?
is the tailbone moving equally? IS it moving smoothly?
That's it! And then you're gonna move it side to side.
And then you're gonna do little circles,
tailbone circles, one way. Now can you see it? Can you really imagine the tip of your tailbone
moving around and around? And then just come back to standing.
Now I want you to imagine that your sacrum is suspended
and supported
by the planets and the stars and the galaxy.
So rather than your sacrum needing to do all of the work to support all of your spine,
and sometimes that can feel overwhelming.
You're just going to remind your sacrum that it is part of a bigger picture and a bigger support system.
And in fact in your body, your sacrum is supported by
tendons and ligaments and muscles that actually allow it to be
suspended, kind of bunjee jumping.
So to embody that fully, you need to come and learn about your pelvis,
learn about your spine, with some more Franklin Method.
But for now just imagine, okay, my
sacrum is just hanging, bunjee jumping,
okay, and relax your arms and just notice how that feels.
Do you feel a change in your spine?
Maybe you feel more support
from the base here
and just notice how flexible do you feel and again just test how flexible do your hamstrings feel.
Do you notice any difference?
So Tony this is gonna get you started. I want you to keep practicing that imagining
that if there's any weight or lid on the top of your head that you just
allow that to be released that you start to imagine
the sacrum in the tip of your tail bone just being able to move freely in all directions
and the support from the sacrum supporting your spine and whole upper body,
but in turn,
the support from the world and the universe around you.
Once you do this you can start to feel the alignment of your spine starting to change.
You're going to be able to let go of believing what the doctor's tell you about
it being the way it is and there's nothing you can do about it and you can
incrementally move closer and closer to the more supported dynamic balanced spine.
So join me in our global LAHF community for ninety minutes
of experiencial transmission that is gonna leave you revitalized,
zingy, excited, relaxed, and empowered.
All by tapping into the wisdom that is within you and connecting to our network.
It will be a live video transmission.
All you need to do is sign up below and I will send you all the details.
So for me and Mr. Sacrum have a beautiful, balanced, exhilarating week. I will
see you next thursday, June 21st, make sure you're all there.
And next week, our... the Action Ship will be
flying around the planet and landing somewhere near you.
Okay... a little bit great picture but just hang on a second...
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Scoliosis Exercises: Exercises for Scoliosis & Improve Your Spine's Alignment

625 Folder Collection
w86521 published on February 4, 2016
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