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  • Do you get hot and bothered when your date throws up on their food and then slurps it all down? Then you, my friend, may be a flyosexual.

  • Hey everyone, Laci Green here for DNews.

  • My dad always warned me that flies were the scum of the earth and that I should never, I repeat, never allow them to land on my food.

  • Theyll vomit! Theyll poop! Theyll spread contagious diseases and you will die!

  • I felt a bit like receiving an abstinence lecture, to be honest.

  • In a recent survey, Orick asked participants, "if you were at a restaurant, which critter would make you drop your fork? Rodents? Cockroaches? Flies? Ants? Or snakes?"

  • Snakes! I’d definitely be outta that joint in a heartbeat.

  • 61% of people said they would bounce if they saw cockroaches, but scientists are warning that flies are actually twice as germy as cockroaches.

  • And theyre specifically referring to those pesky houseflies that can be found anywhere. After all, there are over 90,000 different species of flies.

  • So, what’s the real deal on flies and food? Flies do gross things like eat garbage and poop and rotting animal carcasses.

  • All those germs from the gross stuff they think is delicious gets transferred to their legs and small hairs all over their body.

  • It only takes a second for them to transfer those germs to your food or to your body.

  • It’s also true that flies can’t chew, so in order to eat, they spit enzymes on their food to dissolve it and then slurp it up.

  • And yet another solid truth is that flies can carry cholera, dysentery, and typhoid.

  • But, notice most people don't get those diseases, which brings me to the rational side of things.

  • Flies that are festering on food can definitely make you sick, so if there’s a bunch of flies feeding on a rotting appleyou probably shouldn’t eat it!

  • But when they land on food for a few seconds, it’s unlikely that itll transfer enough bacteria to make you sick.

  • It’s also a misconception that they poop every time they land. That would be a lot of tiny fly bowel movements.

  • They might spit on your food if theyre intending to eat it, but it’s the bacteria that’s stuck to their body that actually spreads disease and makes people sick.

  • Long story short: fly vomit is your friend, fly bodies? Not so much.

  • Thanks for watching DNews.

  • Do you get grossed out if flies land on your food? Let me know down below and well catch you on the next episodehopefully with a little less feces.

Do you get hot and bothered when your date throws up on their food and then slurps it all down? Then you, my friend, may be a flyosexual.

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