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- Wow.
- Whoa.
- Whoa.
- Oh, I can't stop burping.
(upbeat music)
- Hi, we're the Try Guys.
- I'm Ned.
- And Eugene.
- We're in New York City.
- And I'm Keith.
- And I'm Zach.
- And we're here in sunny Los Angeles.
- New York is know for having the best pizza in the world.
- And we're going to try and find
the best slice in the city.
- And L.A. is known for having the worst
New York style pizza.
- So we're going to try and find the very worst.
- In
- It's the Try Guys coast to coast pizza party challenge.
- Part one of one.
- Whoo!
- High five.
(video game music)
- Let's go.
- Well, my family's New York Italian and my grandfather
would always take me to pizza places.
- These are the factors we're going
to be judging the pizza on.
- Cheese.
- Cheese that doesn't stretch.
- Something that can withstand a hit.
- Crust.
- Crust.
- Crust that is just like chewy but you don't wanna chew it.
- Sauce.
- Terrible sauce.
- Just like right out of the jar.
Just garbage.
- And New York factor.
- What's the New York factor?
- The wow factor, what's especially bad.
- It's the forget about it.
- So is it good if I forget about it?
- So, zero forget about its, is good.
- Will you remember forever and tell your friends?
- [Voiceover] We asked the New York office,
where can you find the best slice of pizza
and got over 100 responses.
But some top picks emerged.
- We are at our first stop.
- Lombardi's, widely considered, the original
New York pizzeria.
- And we have a special guest joining us.
- Who is it?
It's my wife!
- Third wheel, yay!
I'm a third wheel.
Alright, let's go inside.
Look how thin the crust is.
- This cheese, plus one for stringyness.
- That sauce is delicious.
- It's like tangy.
- The crust has a really good, like--
- Woody crunch.
- It has a woody crunch to it.
Forget about factor zero.
- I'mma remember bout this.
- I wonder what Keith and Zack are doing right now.
(dreamy harp)
- Wow, boys that looks delish.
- Mmm
- We're outside of Greco's.
- Two and a half stars out of 129 reviews, damn.
- Stale and distasteful.
That's like attitude, not even flavor.
- Hollywood pizza, let's do this.
This is where the magic happens.
♫ This looks bad ♫
Well, this crust is hard.
- Hard.
- I feel like I'm eating raw dough.
- I don't taste any cheese or sauce.
- It's almost just a whisper of sauce.
- Does it taste like anything?
- It tastes like a mistake.
- It's amazing how little favor a food could have.
That's the wow for me.
- Time to check back with Eugene and Ned in New York
but first a quick
- Fried chicken break.
(hip hop music)
- Back to you in New York, Ned and Eugene.
- I don't get any service in the subway, what's with that?
- Cause we're underground.
Right now, we're at John's on Bleecker Street.
- It's got graffiti all on the walls.
It's a sit-down place that's a little more casual.
- Yeah, kinda like a pizza diner.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- So let's check it out.
- Pizza diner, oh, I thought you were going back.
- Yeah, cause my hair is melting because the humidity here
is so high.
- Oh, it's so hot.
- Alright, let's go inside and get some pizza.
- Cheers.
- Oh, that's hot.
- They get a bonus plus one for grease.
Cheese, super pulley.
Puddle of cheese.
- Sauce, a really strong tomato flavor on the sauce.
- Yeah.
- This crust is delicious though.
It's got a nice crisp.
Wanna hear that crisp?
- Zero forget about its, I would remember it.
- 20 million remember bouts its.
- This a confusing rule.
Can you do your best New York accent?
- Forget about it!
- Wow, what a time you seem to be having.
- Well, we walked down the street
to another pizza place, Combo's.
- Worst pizza ever!
- Horrific pizza.
- We can't do this alone.
- So we brought our friend, Chris.
- Yay, he knows mediocre food best.
Chris, what do you know abut Combo's pizza?
- Absolutely, nothing.
- Great, let's do this!
- It's actually nicer than the last place.
- Yeah, it's pretty.
- Thank you so much.
- Have a nice day.
- Take care.
- Ah, oh!
- It's looks greasy.
- Alright, what'd you call this, Chris?
- A grease pool.
- Gnarly grease pool.
- This makes me feel bad.
Tastes like school pizza.
- This is as doughy if not doughier than the first one.
- This is dough city.
- Let's take a bite of the crust.
- It's just burnt bread.
- The wow of this is that it gets worse as it goes.
- This is more memorably awful than the first one.
I'm feeling queasy now.
- You guys check in Eugene and Ned
who are having a way better time than us.
- I bet they're doing something crazy.
- You guys, I just got sick.
(bluesy music)
- Our next stop, we're outside of Joe's pizza.
This place was opened in 1975 and Joe, apparently,
still works and runs this place and there's one location.
- New York really has a good hold
on family and tradition, huh?
- Huh?
- Forget about it.
- No, remember bout it.
- Two pizzas and some chicken in, and I'm feeling gross.
- I feel really quite like garbage.
- Everything looks so good, everything's like really greasy.
- Like what imagine in my head New York pizza to look like.
- Cheers.
- New York.
- I feel like I might already need to poop from that pizza.
- Cheese, exceptionally stringy.
- Real strong pull factor.
- Sauce actually, not quite there.
- You guys look like you're having a great time.
- So much fun.
- Ow.
- What about that crust?
- Like, a little bit burnt but not too burnt.
Lightly burnt toast.
- How many forget about its do we give it?
Zero forget about its.
- I tried to poop but I couldn't but I feel like I have to.
- If you looked up pizza in the dictionary.
This would be a photo of it.
I'll remember this forever.
- Imagine what a $2.50 in L.A. would taste like.
- Oh, I can't stop burping.
- Stop burping.
- We're going through The Grove to the Farmer's Market
at The Grove.
That's where we were told the (bleep) pizza is.
- Ok, here we are.
- Aw, this doesn't look terrible.
The crust looks pretty good.
- Yeah, and there's like a nice distribution of pepps.
- The cheese becomes liquid immediately,
but the flavor isn't bad.
- I'm not gonna lie, I'm pretty disappointed.
This is pretty good.
- The cheese was stretchy.
The sauce was tasty.
The crust was good.
The wow factor is, it's not bad.
- Yeah.
- It's supposed to be bad.
- The wow is wow, I could eat this.
- Back to you in New York.
- It's time to Facetime Zach and Keith.
- Ok, I don't have service.
- Zach and Keith.
- Hi.
- So, what's the moral of the story?
- Do you guys think you find a more worse place,
than we found the best place.
- I don't know, did we?
- Well, I'd say the second place was easily the worst
pizza I've had in my life.
It was really abysmal.
- All the pizzas we had were excellent.
Including this Two Brothers.
It's just two dollars.
- Ned, I know, I'm from New York.
Find a truly atrocious and horrible slice of pizza
inner Los Angeles, harder than we thought it was gonna be.
- But still, we tried and we're the Try Guys so,
- What will we try next?
- I miss our friends, I hope they come back soon.
- I'm gonna jump into L.A.
(hip hop music)
- Pizza (chanting)
- Pie!
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The Try Guys Try To Find The Best Pizza • NY Vs. LA

678 Folder Collection
臺南視野 published on February 3, 2016
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