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  • Transways Express Flyernumber 83, forPittsburgh, Cleveland...

  • -..ready forboarding at gate two.

  • Please have your tickets available.

  • Hey! Hey!

  • - You the Hansons? - Fuckin' machine took my quarter.

  • Who are you?

  • Reggie Dunlop, the coach.

  • - Grab your gear and let's get goin'. - OK. Come on, Steve, let's go.

  • - It took my quarter. - Think they show Speed Racer here?

  • Hey, guys! Wait up.

  • Look what I got!

  • - You guys triplets? - No, I'm in the middle.

  • Steve's 20 and Jeffs 18.

  • - Where are you from? - Iron League.

  • - The lron League, huh? A lot of fights? - Nah.

  • Hey, I want a soda!

  • We paid for a week, then you gotta find a room of your own.

  • OK, Coach. Gimme a grape or an orange, and none of that stinkin' root beer!

  • - We go on the road tomorrow mor...

  • We're on the road in the morning.

  • - Bus leaves the War Memorial at 8am. - I gave you a quarter at the bus station.

  • Give me another dime. I'm savin' a dime to call Mom.

  • Jesus Christ.

  • You cheap son of a bitch. Are you crazy? Those guys are retards!

  • I got a good deal on those boys. The scout said they showed a lot of promise.

  • They brought their fuckin' toys with 'em!

  • I'd rather have 'em play with their toys than with themselves.

  • They're too dumb to play with themselves.

  • Every piece of garbage on the market, you gotta buy it!

  • Reg. Reg, that reminds me.

  • I was coachin' in Omaha in 1948

  • and Eddie Shore sends me this guy that's a terrible masturbator.

  • Couldn't control himself. He would get deliberate penalties

  • so he could get into the penalty box all by himself,

  • and damned if he wouldn't, you know...

  • - Oh, Joe. Jesus. - What was his name?

Transways Express Flyernumber 83, forPittsburgh, Cleveland...

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