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  • So Jessica, I saw you talking to Eric today at the game.

  • Okay so I was just standing in line waiting to get some candy and he just walked over

  • and started talking to me. What did you guys talk about?

  • Oh just about the basketball game. So what do you think of him?

  • Well he is cute and he's an upperclassman, but isn't he friends with Sean Hoffman?

  • Yeah, but he's nothing like Sean. Hmm, I find that very hard to believe.

  • Oh my gosh! Here comes his car!

  • Hey Jessica. What are you doing later?

  • I was planning on going to the campgrounds. Do you want to come?

  • Yeah. I guess. Why don't you guys hop in and I'll give you a ride there?

  • Thanks, but I got my own ride. I don't think you should go with him. You don't even know him.

  • Come on. What's there to know? A cute senior is offering me a ride. I'm going.

  • Hey, I'll be right back. Okay.

  • Well, who do we have here?

  • This is Jessica. Jessica? Jessica who? I don't know any Jessicas.

  • What are you a freshman? I'm a sophomore.

  • So, where are you two love birds headed to? What's your friend's name again?

  • Melissa Boggs. Melissa Boggs? Do they come any lamer than

  • that? No, no, no. You two party animals are coming with us tonight to Bobby's house.

  • Everybody's going to be there. Bobby is having a party tonight? I didn't

  • hear about. What do you think? Do you want to go to Bobby's place?

  • Uh, yeah. Sounds like fun. Yeah! I knew you had it in you! Here's one

  • to get you started, but first we have to stop at my house. I gotta pick up some more booze.

  • Alright you two. You better behave while we're gone.

  • He's pretty wild huh? Yeah.

  • Hello? Hey. Where are you at? Oh, I'm with Eric.

  • I thought you guys would be here by now. Is everything alright?

  • Hey. We actually decided we're going to hang out somewhere else tonight.

  • Where? Look. I can't talk right now. I gotta go. Sorry about that.

  • Oh it's cool. So I wouldn't have taken you for a party girl.

  • There's a lot about me that people don't know. Like what?

  • Sorry.

  • What do you want?

  • Jessica. You're acting awfully suspicious. What's going on?

  • Okay. We picked up Sean and his girlfriend and they didn't want to hang out at your house.

  • You're hanging out with Sean? What did I tell you about him?

  • Yeah! C'mon party girl. It's time to hit the road!

  • Look! I gotta go. Jessica don't do this.

  • C'mon Eric. Let's see what this thing's got. Yeah!

  • Eric. I think you should slow down. I think you should slow down.

  • What? I can't hear you. I said, I think you should slow down!

  • Sounds like someone needs to lighten up, huh? Why don't you go ahead and try a little?

  • I don't want any. Come on, just try it.

  • I don't want to. Woah!!! Stop the car right now! I want to get out!

  • Hey Melissa. Are you okay?

  • Well, I'm kind of stranded on the side of the road, but I'm glad to be out of that car.

  • You were completely right about earlier. I'm sorry I didn't listen to you.

  • It's alright. You're my best friend and I was just worried about you.

  • Well, thanks. Where are you at? I'll come get you.

  • Ah, dude. This sucks! Oh my gosh.

  • License and registration please.

So Jessica, I saw you talking to Eric today at the game.

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