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It is widely believed that slavery no longer exists in the world, or that it has been largely
been eradicated. In fact, it has been reported that there are now more slaves than there
have ever been before in history. Modern slavery is largely known as human trafficking, and
involves the trade of people for labor, sex, and even their organs. So, just how bad is
human trafficking?
Most cases are broken down into two main categories: sex trafficking and labor trafficking. Victims
of labor trafficking around the world are often forced to work in sweatshops and mines.
Younger victims are exploited and forced to beg on the street, and may even be enlisted
as child soldiers.
Meanwhile, victims of sex trafficking are forced into prostitution and pornography.
These victims don’t tend to stay in one place for long, and are often moved from city
to city. In Bulgaria, a hotbed of human trafficking, the average annual salary is $2,600. However,
a forced prostitute can earn more than ten times that amount.
Traffickers generally use Force, Fraud and Coercion to keep people enslaved. Many victims
are kidnapped from their homes. Once captured, tactics such as rape, physical abuse and food
and sleep deprivation are used to control victims.
Fraud refers to the trafficker’s tactic of luring a victim with promises of legitimate
work or a better life. However, once the victim arrives, there is no work to be found. Instead,
they are forced into a sweatshop or brothel. Finally, traffickers threaten violence against
captives’ families to keep them in check.
It is estimated that approximately 21-36 million people are enslaved around the world. Worse
yet, more than a quarter of victims are under 18. And while many believe that human trafficking
only occurs in third world countries, slaves have been found all over the United States.
Some are migrant workers, others as domestic employees, and a number are prostitutes.
So what is being done to put a stop to human trafficking? In the US, The Trafficking Victims
Protection Act (TVPA) was the first federal law to address trafficking in the United States.
It is intended to both prevent and protect survivors of human trafficking, and prosecute
While many suggest that slavery has been abolished in the modern world, a look at trafficking
statistics shows that it's a much more severe problem than you’d think.
Much like the US, Russia has a huge problem with modern day slavery. To learn more about
the situation there, watch this video. There’s a link in the description if you want to see
the full video. Thanks for watching TestTube News! Please subscribe now.
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How Common Is Human Trafficking Today?

2196 Folder Collection
鄭小鬼 published on February 1, 2016    鄭小鬼 translated    Sally Hsu reviewed
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