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Earth LOOKS flat. It FEELS flat. The logical explanation is: the earth is flat! Right?
#facepalm. But like, once you get past the crazytalk… How do we know the Earth IS round?
Welcome back my woke friends, Trace here for DNews. If you follow the pervasive yellow
journalism online and elsewhere, you've probably heard of Rapper B.o.B.'s beef with NASA, science
and specifically Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson, astrophysicist and science celeb. In short,
some pop culture peeps think the Earth is Flat. Proving them wrong is simple, though
it took hundreds of years for science to figure it out in the first place.
how do we know otherwise? We know the Earth is round by observing it
closely. If you watch a ship as it disappears over the horizon, the bottom vanishes first
and then the top disappears later. It looks like it's sinking. That's because the Earth
is curved. Using a stopwatch you can do your own experiment to prove it. Watch the sun
set over the ocean or a open plain with a friend. If you stand, while they lay down,
each will see the sun cross the horizon at a slightly different time!
how did we first realize the earth was round? The Greeks first realized this 2500 years
ago, and spent hundreds of years attempting to explain it. First, mathematician Pythagoras
looked at the moon and discovered a curve in the line dividing light from shadow on
its surface -- called the terminator. A flat moon would have a straight line! The only
explanation? The moon must be a sphere! Sometime later, Anaxagoras, while watching the moon
during an eclipse, realized the shadow covering the moon must be from the Earth! As that shadow
is definitely curved, the Earth must be round! And still later in about 350 BC, Aristotle
noted that star constellations, visible in Greece were hidden beyond the horizon in Egypt.
His conclusion, yet again, was the Earth must be a sphere, just like the moon! Sidebar:
Notice, humanity knew the Earth was round 1800 years before 1492 when Columbus Sailed
the Ocean Blue. Just debunking some grade school crap.
how curved is the earth? Once these great thinkers realized the Earth
was curved, they wanted to PROVE IT. A Greek astronomer named Eratosthenes figured it out.
On the summer solstice, the sun reaches a peak at the top of the sky. Eratosthenes went
to two distant locations in Egypt on the Solstice and measured the angles cast by the shadows
in each place. Then, using some geometry he could calculate the curvature of the Earth
between those places! From there, he could extrapolate how many degrees around the circle
of the Earth he had moved -- ultimately, revealing the circumference and diameter of the EARTH!!
Thanks to all these ancient humans we know Earth is just a bit over 40 thousand km around
the poles (about 24,860 miles) (which is supported by modern observations), and knowing that
we can determine how far the horizon is from you -- which changes depending on how high
above sea level you are. The Earth is curved, and we know it.
Why do these people think this? In the end, the problem is Flat Earthers just
don't trust science. When the Flat Earth Society was founded in the mid-1920s, the idea was
observation trumps all. This is called the Zetetic philosophy. Many skeptics believe
the same. If the Earth looks flat it must be flat. Often they cry "Prove me wrong!"
"Only trust your own observations!" The funny thing about that argument is that it was observation
that showed us the Earth’s curvature in the first place! Pythagoras observed that
shadow line across the moon. Countless people have observed ships sailing underneath the
horizon. NOT TO MENTION the fact that we’ve gone to space and observed a very spherical
Earth from above.
And if you don’t believe all those people for some reason, make your own observation.
Climb a mountain, watch a ship sail away, or watch the sun set with a friend. And behold
an inarguably spherical Earth.
Your move, B.o.B.
Conspiracy theories are just, the best, aren't they? Have you ever wondered why people love
9/11 conspiracies? Why are we so obsessed with the Illuminati or which conspiracy theories
might be actually true? TestTube Plus is the podcast/show for you! We cover…
Do y'all know anyone that we should make a video debunking? Comments. Do it.
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How We Know The Earth Isn’t Flat

733 Folder Collection
陳美妤 published on January 31, 2016
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