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[Dramatic music]
[Rich Piana] Hey what's up everyone? I'm here with Rage,
and the "Viking." "Eric the Viking." I know you guys know Eric the Viking, of course.
[Viking] Yeah, yeah. [Rich] Probably don't know Rage.
But I'm gonna tell you a little bit about him.
Rage actually trains the Viking.
MMA. Trains him with his Strength and Conditioning.
And, uh, this guy looks like a real nice happy, smiley
guy. But when that switch [SNAP] flips, when you turn that switch on,
this guy is a scary mother fucker! [all 3 chuckle].
So don't let this corny-ass smile fuckin' FOOL YA! [all 3 chuckle] [Viking] That's right!
So, anyway, today we're gonna talk about stretching, which...I am all about stretching.
Stretching, to me, is so important.
Nobody does it. It needs to be done more often for every sport out there.
So, he incorporates it in his MMA.
He's got his own little system
that he created. And he's gonna tell us a little bit about it.
And I'm telling you, I want to know all I can because, you guys know, I'm all about stretching.
So, [gestures to Rage] go to work. The mic is yours.
[Rage] The mic is mine. Alright brother.
So, as a bodybuilder, [Rich] Right.
[Rage] If there was a style of exercise that I could just give you, [Rich] Uh, huh.
in exchange for 5% of your Strength, and 3% of your Power and Speed. [Rich] Right.
The exercises give you larger muscle mass. [Rich] Okay.
[Rage] Would you make that trade? [Rich] And that's for bodybuilding?
[Rage] I'm asking you, personally. [Rich] Yeah, as a bodybuilder, YES, definitely!
[Rage] If I can give you something that makes you bigger, [Rich] For sure.
[Rage] But costs you a little bit of Strength and a little bit of Power, [Rich] Right.
[Rage] You'd go with it? [Rich] DEFINITELY. As a bodybuilder, it's all about strength and size. So, definitely. [Rage] Right.
So that's traditional stretching. [Rich] Mmm-hmm.
[Rage] And as you...you figured that out decades ago. [Rich] Right.
[Rage] Actually, I heard you talking about how stretching the fascia,
creates room for the muscles to grow. [Rich] Right.
[Rage] There's tons of science now supporting that. You were talking about it before the science was out,
[Rich chuckles] Right on. [Rage] Kudos to you.
But now all the research is showing that stretching has a negative effect
on Strength and Power. [Rich] Uh-huh.
[Rage] Now, for bodybuilders or rhythmic gymnastic...players, doers, I don't know, [chuckles]
or contortionists, that doesn't matter. [Rich] Right.
[Rage] Uh, but for fighters, well Power is kinda the most important thing, in my opinion. [Rich] Uh-huh.
[Rage] NOTHING is more important than POWER. [Rich] Right.
[Rage] So, flexibility is important.
So I was stuck with this dilemma of, well, I want flexibility.
I want my fighters to have flexibility.
But I don't want to sacrifice any Power. [Rich] Right.
[Rage] So then I went on a quest of, well is there a way to increase
Range Of Motion, [Rich] Uh-huh.
[Rage] without actually losing Power. Without Stretching. [Rich] Uh-huh.
[Rage] And so, uh, yeah. That's the system I came up with.
[Rich] And you came up with AN ANSWER!
It's called NeoROMex. [Rich] Uh-huh.
[Rage] So "Neo" means New. [Rich] Uh-huh.
"ROM"= Range Of Motion. "ex" = Exercises.
[Rich] Okay. I like it. I like it. I like it. [Rage chuckles]
[Rage] And Viking has been doing it for a little over a year now. [Viking] Yep.
[Rage] Um, so if I can demonstrate some of the principles... [Rich] Yeah. Let's see it!
[Rage] Alright. [Rich] Better Viking than me. [laughs]
[Rage] Actually, I think you'd, you'd do quite well. Okay.
So, if you're doing like traditional stretching.
I'd take this leg. He'd lift, right?
[Rich] Mm-hm.
[Rage] And we'd go as far as he can. And then I would come and force it further. [Rich] Right.
[Rage] Right? That would be called Passive Stretching.
I'm producing the force, and he's being passive. [Rich] Okay.
[Rage] Instead what we do, is first a series of Isometrics. Okay?
So, instead of pushing, I'm holding, and he's pulling into me. [to Viking] Go ahead.
Okay. Now, what that does is it [see video]
causes a contraction on this side,
causes relaxation...it's called Reciprocal Inhibition. [Rich] Okay.
[Rage] So it actually causes the Hamstrings to relax
through natural coordination. [Rich] Mm-hmm.
[Rage] So now as he lifts his leg up
you'll see it goes a little bit further! [chuckle] [Rich] Uh-huh. [Rage] Okay?
Now this stuff is out there: the Isometric and the Post-Isometric Relaxation.
The thing that's cool, is what we do: Multi-Axial-Force-Applications.
So I'm gonna push here. He's gonna stabilize. Now normally,
if he wasn't resisting,
the foot would turn in, and the leg would cave over. Alright? [Rich] Okay.
He's going to stabilize here, and he's going to come down,
and now watch. [see video]
So each time, he actually goes a little bit further,
a little bit further.
And there's no stretching occurring at all. Okay?
So we're increasing the Range Of Motion [Rich] Yeah.
by introducing different angles of resistance. [Rich] Right.
Now Viking, do you feel that? Do you feel it? [Viking] Oh yeah.
I mean do you feel it stretching more and more every time? [Viking] Mm-hm.
Okay? So that's, that's the basic principles.
Unfortunately, everyone we have here is pretty flexible. [Rich] Uh-huh.
[Rage] Because the one thing that's pretty cool is taking someone that can't touch their feet,
[Rich] And making them touch their feet?
[Rage] and making them touch their feet in 30 seconds. [Rich] Wow! [Rage] Yeah.
Actually, what's your name? [Male] Nick.
[Rage] Can I bring an example? [Rich] Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
[Rage] Nick, get up here. [Viking] You said you were like a, what'd you say?
[Male] Let's not repeat that. [everyone laughs]
I got to train with him later. [laughs]
[Viking] He'll fuck you up? [chuckles]
[Rage] Alright. So, just like, you know, old school, like you're gonna touch your toes.
Eh, that's not too bad! [Rich] He's pretty limber. [Rage] Yeah!
You lied to me, Corey! [Viking] That's some horseshit.
[Rage] Lock your knees. [Nick] Okay. [Rage] And show me what you got. So that's pretty good!
But, is anyone worse than that? You're [points to Rich] better than that, right? You can reach...
[Rich] Yeah, I'm better than that.
[Rage pointing to Viking] And I know you're better than that. So this is the best we...
This is the best Bad we have. [all chuckle]
Lock your knees. Okay? Now, make fists. Okay, touch the ground.
With the fists. [see video] No! Okay! So we still have about [see video] yay far. [Rich] Yeah.
I'm gonna push here [see video]. You stabilize against me, don't let me move you. Now stand up. Stand up.
Good. Now come back down. Just go just a tiny bit further, and then back up.
And down.
And one more time.
Now I'm not actually pushing him down. [Rich] Yeah.
[Rage] My force is perpendicular to his movement. [Rich] Yeah.
[Rage] But what's happening, neurologically,
I'm recruiting more muscles [Rich] Uh-huh.
[Rage] So the reciprocal inhibition signal is stronger [Rich] Uh-huh.
[Rage] than it would be if you were just reaching to the ground.
[Rich] Right. That's crazy. That's fuckin' unbelievable.
Like I... [Rage] One more. [Rich] It's hard for me to even believe what is really happening.
[Rage laughs] [Rich] To be honest with you. [Rage] It's a trick, right? [Rich laughs]
[Rage] Okay, now. Put your knuckles on the ground.
Lock your knees and put your knuckles on the ground.
Yay! [Rich] Yeah. [Nick] Wow!
[Rage] Thank you. [Nick] Thank you! [Rage laughs]
[Rich] Wow, that's pretty crazy. [Viking] That was a big difference of fuckin'... [see video]
[Rage] Right?! So if we were just trying to do that with traditional, old school stretching, [Rich] Uh-huh.
[Rage] It would take 6 weeks of... [see video]
[Rich] Yeah, yeah, yeah. Of pain, ripping, repairing, [Rage] Injury, and great great...so.
[Rich] When you stretch, over-stretch, you're, you're damaging the muscle fibers. [Rage] That's an injury.
[Rich] And they have to repair themselves and grow back stronger. [Rage] Yep.
[Rich] And slowly, you become limberer and limberer. [Rage] Yep.
[Rich] But, yeah. But it is damage being done. [Rage] Yep.
[Viking] Do you want to show some of the movements? [Rage] Um, do you want to? Or...those are the principles.
[Rich] Yeah. [Rage] Um. [Rich] It's pretty amazing.
[Rage] Now, we, we have... [Rich] So how do people find out about...how do people find out more information on this?
[Rage] Hey. Uh, we have the entire system,
step by step, we have an introduction. It's called NeoROMex.
It's on my YouTube Channel: [youtube.com/c/rageng]. [Rich] Okay.
[Rage] And if we could put a link from your channel to my channel, I think that's probably the easiest way.
[Rich] Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, definitely. [Rage] Cool. [Rich] Yeah.
[Rich] I don't know about you guys, but that's some pretty crazy shit I just saw.
It's hard to believe that that even just happened. You know, because it happened in seconds, as opposed to...
this would take...So, my suggestion is everyone out there, research a little bit, and give this shit a try.
Because what I just saw is, is amazing.
If you can accomplish that
in a few minutes, what would take weeks or months, you know...
[Rage] The downside is you do need a partner. [Rich] Yeah.
[Rage] You gotta have a partner. And your partner has to be fairly competent. But, [Rich] Yeah.
[Rage] You know. You have somebody that spots you. Hopefully they're competent too, right? [chuckles]
[Rich] Yeah. Exactly.
[Rage] You want to try this? [Rich] Yeah, let's do it. [Rage claps/ laughs]
[Rich] You want me on my back, or what? [Rage] Yeah, yeah, let's just...
Alright. So, we'll start with a baseline. [Rich] Right. [Rage] Okay?
So you're probably quite flexible because I've seen the stuff you do. Yeah, so you're gonna...
you're gonna take your ankle, or your toes to your ankle, or dorsiflex. [see video]
Extend your knee, and lift up.
So yeah. See you're already past 90[degrees]. Lock the knee. There you go, that's good.
So this is going to be our baseline. Just below 90 degrees of hip flexion. [Rich] Okay.
[Rage] Okay? So...[see video]
Lock this other knee. Ooh. Nice surgery! [Rich laughs] [Rage laughs]
[Rage] What happened? [Rich] Yeah. Patella tear. [Rage] Awesome.
Okay, so um, pull the...yeah. And come...so...
Good. So, we're about symmetrical. [Rich] Uh-huh.
[Rage] Actually a little less Range Of Motion on this [right] leg than this [left] leg. [Rich] Okay.
[Rage] But, that's cool.
One more time. Lock, lock lift. Right leg up!
Okay, so first, what you wanna do, is extend the knee as much as possible. Lock the knee. [Rich] Mm-hmm.
Lock this. [see video] And then bring it up slowly, there you go.
Now I'm going to hold here. [Rich] Mm-hmm.
[Rage] And very lightly, just pull into my hand. That's too hard. Lighter. Lighter. There!
And relax.
So it's Light, Medium, Hard. [Rich] Right.
Next. Over here.
Lock your knee. Light.
And so, with the Graded Intensity...Graded Intensity Isometrics, [Rich] Mm-hmm.
[Rage] It's more about consistency. [Rich] Uh-huh.
[Rage] Right? So come up. And you want to keep it
a constant pull. That way. [see video] Of moderate intensity now. [Rich] Okay.
[Rage] Pull. Excellent, excellent.
[Rich] Now, my hip flexor is cramping a little bit.
Because my hip flexor, hips flexors, are not trained...[Viking chuckles] [Rich] very well right now.
[Rage] In this position! [Rich] Right. [Rage] Right?!
So, every muscle gets strong
based on the Range Of Motion that you take it through. [Rich] Right.
[Rage] If we take it into a new Range Of Motion that it's never worked before, [Rich] Right, yeah.
[Rage] It's not gonna like it, right? [Rich] Yeah, yeah.
[Rage] So, positionally, it's weak. [Rich] And that's, that would be, the, the top of the kick
would be that hip flexion muscle right there [Rage] Quite possible. [Rich] is weak right now. [Rage] Yeah.
[Rich] So basically, my kicks right now are weak as fuck. [laughs]
[Rage] Other leg! Up, up! Lock, lock!
And go [pointing]. Moderate contraction. Pull.
There we go. [Viking] And important to maybe remind them about
when you're doing it with you partner, that
the partner is not short-changing them
by: "ooh" you know, "you did that fairly well, blah blah blah." Keeping everything, you know what I'm saying, in precise...
[Rage] Yeah. [Rich] Well, the toe pointed down makes a HUGE difference. [Rage] Yes.
[Rich] Soon as you point that toe down, you feel it. [Rage] You relax.
[Rich] If your toe is up, you don't feel anything.
[Viking] If your partner is not noticing that, you know, you need to be reminded of it, you need to be noticing it.
[Rich] Right. If I was doing this,
and he didn't remind me to point my toe,
I wouldn't be getting any of the benefit.
[Viking] That's what I'm saying. It's real KEY that [Rich] That everything is done RIGHT.
[Rage] Yeah. [Viking] Real key. Because that way...
[Rage] The other, the other tendency that people have
is they tend to rush it. [Rich] Okay. [Rage] Right?
So each of these movements you hold for 7 seconds. [Rich] Mm-hmm.
[Rage] And, you know, people start trying to rush through it, and [Rich] Right.
[Rage] and shorten the Range Of Motion. [Viking] And I used to, because
[Rich] Well, what's crazy is I'm having...
the pain is here, [see video] and not here [see video].
[Rage] Right!! Because, [Rich] I have nothing going on in my Hamstring,
which is what I'm stretching, but I have everything going on here [see video].
[Rage] Cause that's what's working! [loud bell sound in background] [Rich] Yeah.
[Rage] Lock, lock, toes down. And pull this way.
Give me a little crunch with your abs and pull me across the ring.
[Rich laughs] [Viking] See I used to do this same thing and rush it. [Rage to Rich] One more.
[Viking] Cause I'm thinking: "Man, my brother's fuckin' full of shit. This is not gonna fuckin' work.
[Rage & Rich laugh]
[Viking] And so I wanted to get busy
and start getting into the shit, until,
I actually took the time to do it [Rich sighs]
and found that
this shit works! [Rich] Yeah.
[Viking] Cause it's starting to help me like bigtime. [Rich] Yeah.
[Viking] Cause I had it in my head like, "What the fuck is this?!"
Cause "stretching" was always the...
[Rich] Yeah. That one I felt in my quads. [Viking] Until... [Rich] My quads got like cramped.
[Rage] Right. [Viking] he pushed it on me and made me a believer.
[Rage] I made him do it, and now I regret it
cause I'm the one that has to hold the pads for him when he kicks! [Rich laughs]
[Rage laughs] [Viking] This shit works. This shit definitely works.
[Rage] Okay, so now, you're gonna lock, lock [Rich] Uh-huh.
[Rage] Hold, I'm, I'm gonna take away...
okay, up, come up here. Hold right there.
I'm gonna apply pressure here [see video]. [Rich] Okay.
[Rage] Don't let me move you. [Rich] Okay.
[Rage] Now, take your toes to your nose.
And then back down.
Right to there. Okay, now see how you're [see video] off center...
There you go! [Rich] Oh, okay, yeah. I got you.
[Rage] Up! And back down.
Okay, now smooth out the movement.
There you...wow!
Pull your toes to your shin.
There. Look at that!
[Viking] This is gonna make his...
[Rage] Crazy flexibility here! [Rich chuckles]
[Rage makes a sound effect]
[Rage] Lock your knee
[Rage makes a sound effect] There we go!
[Viking] My god man, you're 300 pounds and [Rage laughs]
[Viking] you're more flexible than your chick!
[Rage] Lock! And toes, okay?
So, I don't know if it's because of this, [see video]
or if it's because of that, [see video]
but these don't dorsiflex as much as they should.
These toes don't pull. [Rich] Oh.
[Rage] As hard as they should. Okay? [Rich] Uh...
[Rage] So, it's either an injury or it's a
lack of focus. Okay, here we go.
Now, as you come up, stay in the Sagittal Plane,
so try not to deviate out towards the shoulder
[Rich] Okay. [Rage] Try to stay...yeah.
Now see. Look what that big toe is doing.
See how it's curling this way? [Rich] Yeah!
[Rage] I want it pulling towards your shin. [Rich] That's weird!
[Rage laughs] [Rich] I'm trying. [chukles]
[Rage] It's because...it's neurological stuff also.
So that's why your toe is rebelling. [Rich] Yeah.
[Rage] Cause it's "Huh?" [chuckles]. And again, once we go into new
Ranges Of Motion,
[Rich] Yeah. [Rage] Weird shit happens. What can I tell ya? Okay.
I'm gonna switch sides. [Rich] Yup.
[Rage] And, lock lock.
and give me pressure this way and all the way up to your nose.
And right there is good. Okay?
Now your big toe is doing the same thing.
Pull it this way. There we go!
Okay, a little more dorsiflexion at the ankle. Pull that toe.
Good. Lock your knee.
And one more.
Lock, lock. Stabilize here.
Good. Up!
[Viking] And this shit is literally like a workout. When you're like done...
[Rich laughs] [Rage] It IS a workout.
Because it's not passive! It's all...right?
It's all motivated and...
[Viking] Your sweatin', your fuckin' tingling, you're all ready to go.
Your body is warmed up and ready to go.
[Rage] This is your 5th workout today. Congratulations! [Rage and Rich laugh]
Okay. So,
remember that baseline? [Rich] Yeah. [Rage] We started with? [Rich] Uh-huh.
[Rage] Right. When I had you come up here, and we were just below 90 [degrees]?
[Rich] Yeah. [Rage] Right? Now, lock, lock, lift.
Okay? So, we were here.
We are there. [Rich] Mm-hmm.
[Rage] So that's an increase of about 15 degrees. [Rich] Yeah.
[Rage] Without stretching at all. [Rich] Right.
[Rage] Lock, lock, lift. Now.
Take your shin to my hand.
Don't kick.
Take your shin to my hand. There you go! Now, give me pressure.
And now turn your whole leg this way, and your whole leg that way.
Grind your shin across my hand. Grind.
Good. And,
Lock, lock, go.
And grind.
Pull, pull, PULL.
[Rich laughs]
[Rich laughs]
[Rich] WOO!! [Viking] [chuckles] I'm telling you.
[Rich] Quads and...quads and hip flexors are BURNIN! [Rage] Yep!
[Rich] And I feel nothing in my "hams."
[Rage] Well, [Rich] I mean, you know what I mean? [Rage] Except mobility! [laughs]
[Rich] Yeah, but that's what I'm saying is...
[Rage] There's no pain in the "hams."
[Rich] I was stretching, but I was feeling it in my hip flexors and my quads.
[Rage] Yeah! [Rich] Which is crazy!
[Rage] Cause you were doing WORK with your hip flexors.
[Rich] RIGHT. [Rage] Your quads and Anterior Tibialis.
[Rich] Right. [Rage chuckles] [Rich] That's crazy! [Rage laughs]
[Rich] You know, something that kind of backs up what you're saying?
Is uh, that they say that,
like say you're doing arms? [Rage] Mm-hmm.
[Rich] And they did studies where, if you do...
if you just do a curl, by itself,
[Rage] YES.
[Rich] And how much weight you can do,
if you do a push-down,
and then right to a curl, you're stronger,
[Rage] YES. [Rich] After the push-down. [Rage] Yes.
[Rich] There's something about, with the opposite muscles... [Rage] Reciprocal Inhibition. Absolutely.
[Rage] They also found... [Rich] but you're stronger doing the Tricep first, which doesn't make any...
[Rage] They also found if you do a Tricep extension
on one arm, or just ah, an Isometric...
that your Bicep Curl will be stronger
with that innervation. You know, so... [Rich] Wow! Yeah.
[Rage] And that's actually where the term "cross-training"
originated back in Russia in the 40's, but... [Rich] Yeah.
[Rage] Cool! [laughs]
[Viking] Yeah.
[Rich] My shit's burnin'! [all laugh]
I feel like I just squatted for a half an hour.
[Rage] Cool man. Well, I'm glad I got to show that to you!
[Rich] Thanks, brother. That was awesome.
[Viking] It was. It was good stuff.
[Rich] So you guys need to check that shit out.
I'm definitely gonna check it out and look into it, and
I NEED TO FIND A PARTNER! [Rage laughing] Yeah!
[Viking chuckling]
[gesturing to his fiancee at the time] Will you be my partner? SARA?!!
[all laugh]
Cool. Alright guys. This is some crazy good-ass shit.
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謝佳欣 published on January 30, 2016
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