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collecting sports walked out everybody that night with first ron producing the
why am i holding a bean bag football
obviously it's to talk about that
you know i was in the end of the olympics but here we are i believe the
sixth day of the games and all of a sudden i have an incredible interest in
the olympics
because the twenty twelve olympics at least at this point are now defined
by the badminton scam scandal
uh... also this is uh... an opportunity to freely use the word shuttle cock
without offending anybody
and get ready for some shuttle cock
um... minority love shuttle cock ok enough
so here's what happened
match today between south korea
and china it's doubles badminton
it seems that both of these teams had qualified already for the quarterfinals
the loser of the skin was not olympic eliminated
from medal contention that's important understand that's the key to the story
earlier in the day a massive batman upset
denmark beats the other charities to each other to trainees teams one lost in
denmark but still qualifies for the court of finals
i was not jump to any other chinese tea in the second chinese team
and south korea well at some point it appears it occurred to the chinese team
that if they want this match they would have to play the other chinese team the
first chinese team in that apparently in the history of bad and the rich the
lustrous history of admin is something the chinese try to avoid there's been
apparently some research done
which is oppressive when it comes to that didn't
and the chinese
making tremendous efforts not to play to other
somebody'll get hurt people don't show up to the match
dispatch had to happen is currently the chinese very clearly what if we just
don't try
lose on purpose we won't have to play the other chinese team in the next round
while the south koreans a savvy people they've realized the chinese are trying
to lose again they do this ship all the time
will probably tried over
swords two teams go against each other each trying to lose
and doing it so under artfully
you know back in the eighties before the n_b_a_ and the draft lottery
teams would play games to get the number one pick
but like
they do it by a not playing the stars
britney didn't do it by like intentionally durable off there
this was the equivalent of that
they were hittin the ball parks
they were in the shuttle cock into the net they were headed out of balance the
crowd was doing and booing in british which is even worse they were admonished
by the bench we got a link in here so you can check it out for yourself they
were admonished by the judges
uh... and no but hammer has come down the cold-hearted brutal
badminton federation is lower than ever and it was the international a
all teams involved in match during which included for some reason an indonesian
and another sheltering do you make a statement the attached to
i've been thrown out of the olympics eight
badminton urs
bad smitten there's ads babs mittens
thrown out of the oldest so or because we we have the opportunity to show you
the video and again the link is provided to bring rick here we're gonna
demonstrate using this football exactly what will happen so greco come join me
over here
helped with the mic over in the sand so this is the equivalent of admin at the
olympics they match between south korea and china as it was going on book here's
how would normally go i throw pass to you
and you throw it back
baton that has been placed here's what happened with that china so here are
thirty will work time get a sense right
now we realize oh wait if we win
that i advanced to play say gee i don't wanna play jack soriano report
fair-haired alright
that was the interstates tration with pic admit
which struck by
thanks very much
i love the olympics
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Olympic Badminton Scandal

715 Folder Collection
David Huang published on January 30, 2016
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