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  • Hello, and welcome back to FT Business School.

  • I am here with Isabelle Bajeux

  • who recently became the first female dean of McGill University's Desautel faculty of management inontreal.

  • Prior to joining this Canadian business school,

  • she spent 21 years in the US, George Washington University.

  • She's also taught Essec business school in her native, France.

  • Isabelle, have we reached a stage now where a new female head of a business school should not really be news?

  • I don't think we've reached that stage yet.

  • But I would hope that we would reach that stage soon enough.

  • So, what have you done in coming into the school

  • as a leader and maybe to present yourself and avoid this split we have between men and women?

  • So the one thing I'm really trying to do is to have a very open conversation with all of the stakeholders,

  • and the staff members and the faculty members within the school,

  • and make sure that everybody feels comfortable coming up with the questions.

  • What is the difference between leadership and management?

  • Well, in this position, I feel that we need to be both a manager and a leader.

  • A leader would inspire people and make sure that people feel comfortable to come up with projects and realize some of their dreams.

  • A manager would be well... more hands-on and looking at the details of how to run.

  • And you're having to manage what itself is very diverse organization.

  •'ve got the sort of faculty academics

  • and then other stuff you've got undergraduates, you've got graduate students.

  • What are you trying to bring here to lead that diverse group of people?

  • What's very important is to have this open communication with all of the different groups of people

  • and the diversity is definitely an asset, and I'm really trying to make sure that everybody feels comfortable within that.

  • I see. So it's embracing diversity and the...

  • It's embracing diversity very much.

  • Um... Isabelle, thank you very much.

  • Keep up today with Business School and Analysis.

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Hello, and welcome back to FT Business School.

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