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Hey everyone welcome to this new 2min Japan video!!
Woah we got a new background, isn't that neat?
Actually i'm sitting really awkwardly on the ground
Fuck this...put this back...
Usually I film from the other side but I thought "hey it's 2016, let's do something new"
I'm making this video because THIS happened today
Aaah, doing casual stuff with my camera
Oh what's this?
That's weird...
A package for me...?
I usually don't get any mail..
Mostly because my door doesn't have any letterbox
And why am I talking to myself...?
Oh well
That's right guys today we're gonna do Slime Curry
This was given to me by Yummy Japan
I'm not the first one to try it, there's a whole bunch of videos about this blue curry thingy!
But hey you know how much I like FOOOOOD
So I couldn't wait to try it
On the back there's all the instructions about this curry thing
Doesn't it look good?
Let's get cooking shall we?
Let's enter the magical world of the 2min Japan kitchen
First let's open this package
The package is opened
It comes in this little bag
It's really simple to cook, the instructions say...
Oh yeah...it's fucked up
Now please pay attention coz the next steps are gonna be really tricky
Did you get it?
Let's put some gas on
It's ready!!!
Okay let's start pouring!
Let's cut it here
Smells pretty good but..
I don't know why but the smell of curry...and this..color...
I almost threw up in my mouth
Okay time to try it out, i got my fork
Let's eat!!!
I really don't wanna eat it
Let's dip in
There's some chicken inside
oooh and there's cubes of something
It's very dark
Hey!! it's actually pretty good!!!
I love it it's really good AHAHAH
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Japanese Blue Slime Curry 気色悪すぎる青いスライムカレー

12113 Folder Collection
Yummy Japan published on March 11, 2016    韓澐 translated    Kristi Yang reviewed
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