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I won’t lie, I love staying in hotel rooms.
It makes me feel like some kind of successful businessman who’s really made it in life.
But unfortunately, the reality is somewhat different.
The fact all my worldly possessions are stuffed into two bags, over by that table,
And my glamorous hotel view consists of a roof,
covered in a never-ending sea of air conditioning units, certainly does take some of the magic away from it all.
And instead of making business deals worth millions,
I’ve sat here for 25 minutes now, pondering a difficult decision I faced over last nights dinner.
I was at this cheap sushi restaurant and after the main meal there were two desserts that caught my eye.
A pudding and a premium pudding.
The trouble was the prices, the pictures and the descriptions made, didn’t really make any sense.
Because the picture of the mere pudding looked marginally better than the picture of the premium pudding,
despite having the same price.
And I just didn’t know what to do.
Maybe the pictures were the wrong way round or maybe in Japan,
premium puddings just don’t come with cream. I don’t know - I’m not a Japanese pudding expert,
by any measure
In the end I couldn’t decide so I just went with the mousse of a mango.
But it certainly was one of the the greatest dilemmas I’ve faced in 2016 so far.
Anyway, I am in a hotel. And I figured I need a break from counting air condition units just for a little bit.
So I figured I’d show you around a standard hotel room and see what we can find.
Maybe I can actually do some exercise in the process its at least… 10 meters to that doorway.
So, yeah, let’s go. Let’s go to the door way.
So…this is the doorway. Now you’re probably wondering why I chose this hotel.
And its about 6,500yen a night which is what you pay for a room this size in Japan.
Although this room is a little bit bigger which is a bonus.
But the real reason I chose it was the name.
Because the name is, the Hotel Bel Air.
And I saw that and I felt very nostalgic about my very sitcom of the 90’s;
the Fresh Prince of Bel Air.
With the notable exception of the Simpsons, series 1 - 8, before they gave up writing episodes that were good.
You’ll notice there’s a few items here. We have a shoe brush, some slippers, shoe polish.
What appears to be…half a propeller.
I don’t know where the other half is, I don’t know why that’s there quite frankly.
Now there’s a spray here and you’re probably wondering what that is…
And so am I because I don’t actually know what it is.
Room, clothing, tobacco…its like an air freshener.
It’s a deodorant spray of an effective professional specification the the anxious smell.
Is it now.
Well, I suppose this sock might fit that description so..
Oh god.
It smells dreadful. Its like hairspray.
It’s horrible.
If you come to Japan don’t use this, this treacherous spray.
Stumbling into the bathroom, first thing you’ll notice is the toilet sent from the future to spray us from behind.
You can change the pressure here.
So that’s nice. It’s got a seat warmer. Yeah it’s a nice toilet.
And here’s the bit we all get excited about - the free stuff.
So you’ve got your soap… comb, toothbrush, cotton buds.
Body sponge. It’s a bit small though.
As soon as you open the package the sponge will swell.
Will it now?
Well it certainly did. I look forward to having fun with that later.
Before we move on, you’ll notice here it says Toto,
which is of course an amazing band from the 1980’s behind hits like Africa and Hold the Line.
But following on from their success they diversified into integrated toilet solutions.
So when you lift this up…
It’s a standard feature and I think that’s fantastic.
So we’re back in the room.
And let’s take a look at the bed. Nice size here.
This is a standard feature in most Japanese hotel rooms.
It’s a lightsaber.
Just in case you have to go out in the middle of the night
and face any combat situations on the way to the convenience store.
Buttons for lights. Look at that.
You don’t even have to get out of bed. And I really like that.
This is the future of lights. Just like there next to your bed.
This is a light…remote control. So…you can press here and…it goes white.
You can press here…it goes warm.
This is really weird and trippy if you play around with it.
I’m going to have so much fun in bed later… I’ll put that there.
So let’s move over here. This is the desk area. Very nice as you can see.
One thing that comes in most Japanese hotels is massages.
For 30 minutes and 2,700 yen you can get a nice body relaxation message.
Or for 2,160 yen a foot massage.
I won’t be doing that - I am just a humble Youtuber. I can’t afford such frivolous, luxurious experiences.
Nice little note pad here with your to-do list on. Hotel Bel Air note pad. Standard. And a lamp.
Draw. In here what have we got. Let’s see what we’ve got in the draw.
In the draw we have…a multi-use bag. You can use that for…just so many things.
And then we’ve got a book. New Testament.
It looks really good, I don’t know what that’s about. I’ll have to read that later.
A little guidebook for north Japan.
It’s got lots of cool places you can see and food you can eat.
Pretty cool. Pretty handy.
Coming down here there’s a cupboard with…tea.
Check it out.
Good taste, refined fragrance.
Japanese green tea is quite nice. And we’ve got a kettle under there, for that tea
There’s a fridge here. Switch that on there.
Let’s have a look.
Nothing in here except…one…no two…two hairs. So that’s good, you can enjoy here.
So television. Let’s check out some tv.
Oh my god, make it stop.
Some singing snowmen there, if you’re into that.
So that’s Japanese tv.
And there you go. There is your standard Japanese hotel room.
So that was a tour of the hotel room.
It was a bit weird wasn’t it. But that’s to be expected, when you’re alone in a hotel room.
I…er…oh. I can’t even look outside now.
It’s dark now, so I can’t enjoy the air conditioning units.
Still…I know how to have fun.
So I’ll see you next time. Take care.
Oh. Its gone orange.
It’s gone white now…
Look at my kingdom I was finally there… sit on my throne as the prince of Bel Air.
Ah no.
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Exploring a Japanese Hotel Room

1263 Folder Collection
Yummy Japan published on January 25, 2016
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