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  • My name is Aaron Kyro

  • I'm from the San Francisco Bay Area

  • I've been skateboarding for a very long time

  • And today everybody watching this video is going to learn

  • How To Heelflip

  • Before you get into your heelflips, make sure you have your ollies down

  • Your 180s, your pop shove-its

  • And you should probably do you your kickflips too

  • Now this is the foot placement

  • My back foot is perched on the edge of the tail over there

  • I like to keep it to the side because it tends to balance things out

  • And my front foot is just hanging off, my big toe is just hanging off

  • And you can see it's a little slanted on the front of the board as well

  • This slant helps you to get the flick

  • The flick of your front foot that's going to cause the heelflip to actually spin

  • Now the first step of this is actually the pop

  • But you've been doing the pop for a while

  • Because you've got your 180s, pop shove-its, kickflips etc. down

  • So this is the part that I really want you to work on

  • I want you to stand on your board like this

  • And just practice moving your foot in this exact motion right here

  • As you can see my foot slides up almost like an ollie

  • But the edge of my heel just slides right off and flicks off the edge of the board

  • That's very important because that's what's going to flick your board

  • And make it spin

  • So just stand there and just practice that motion for a while

  • The more you practice, the more you'll get it down

  • And then once you go to put everything together it'll just be that much easier

  • I wanted to do some still frames here to show you exactly how the foot slides up

  • You see it's almost in an ollie position

  • Then right there, my heel just clicks right off the top edge of that nose

  • And it just slides up, my toe comes up

  • Notice just like the kickflip, it is an upward motion

  • It is not a downward motion

  • It is just like an ollie slides up, the kickflip slides up

  • The heelflip slides up the exact same way

  • And then your board spins, you catch it with your back foot and land

  • The heelflip is very similar to the kickflip

  • But it's just a different part of your foot

  • Sliding off and flicking the board causing it to flip

  • It goes in the opposite direction of course

  • You catch it with your back foot and then just put your legs down and land

  • This one is going to require some practice

  • And it does take a little while

  • Sometimes people have an easier time with this than kickflips

  • So they learn the heelflips first

  • I actually learned heelflips first believe it or not

  • But now I'm far better at kickflips, heelflip is not my best trick

  • So you can see again the heel flipping right off the front edge of the board

  • And then the back foot catches it

  • The better you get at that flip

  • The more you're going to have control of your board

  • And the easier it's going to be for you to do this off of things

  • Into manuals or whatever

  • But the main thing that's stressed is just that flick right there

  • So that's the thing you want to practice

  • And keep in mind again, both feet are always above the board

  • So if one of your feet is going below the board, you're doing something wrong

  • Your flick is wrong, you're not committing

  • And that's why I want you guys to send me your videos

  • So I can take a look and see exactly what you're doing and help you out

  • Please let me know if you guys have any questions

  • I'm always down to help you

  • Now the best way you guys can get help

  • Is to actually make a video of yourself attempting the trick and send it to me

  • It helps me because I can see exactly what you're doing

  • And then I can correct you from there

  • Or help you to change your foot position etc.

  • Whatever, whatever it is that you need to fix

  • Thank you guys for all your support

  • Please favorite and share all of these videos

  • And make sure to check out

My name is Aaron Kyro

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