B2 High-Intermediate US 516 Folder Collection
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The COMPRESSION-PEEK Transducer...
The COMPRESSION-PEEK Transducer, was specifically developed for the Scope-1 Automotive Engine
Analyzer and Oscilloscope, but can also be used, with any other oscilloscope system.
It is a high quality, detailed waveform, humidity proof, automotive engine pressure, and compression
transducer probe.
By using the COMPRESSION-PEEK Transducer, it is possible not only to determine compression,
but the general health, of the engine mechanical valve train. This is the fastest way, to check
the actually mechanical state of the engine. Why? would you ask?
It’s simple, performing a standard compression test, with a mechanical gauge, first, would
set you back the cost of the inaccurate gauge, and second, you could never derive the same
diagnostic value, from a fast moving gauge needle, as opposed to the COMPRESSION-PEEK
Transducer waveform signal.
The COMPRESSION-PEEK Transducer waveform signal, can show you valve opening and closing, compression,
and the specifics of each valve train and cylinder event. And, if reading the waveform
is too difficult for you, then use the SIGNALATOR feature, from the Scope-1 software. But, more
on that later.
The COMPRESSION-PEEK Transducer also has, like most of our other probes and sensors,
internal circuitry, to be able to clean out the signal accordingly. This is unique, as
in all other oscilloscope probes and add-ons, you then have to pay extra for special attenuator
and filters, that are already included with the COMPRESSION-PEEK Transducer, and our other
VAC-PEEK transducer.
This probe, is also sold with all needed hoses and adapters, as well as the dedicated BNC
shielded cable, to connect to your oscilloscope.
The unit is very rugged, and able to withstand rough use. It is encased in an epoxy casing,
making for a very solid construction.
The COMPRESSION-PEEK Transducer, with all it’s added benefits, connectivity to any
oscilloscope, internal signal circuitry filters, and rugged construction, is the best and most
cost effective automotive mechanical compression transducer solution out there. Enjoy...
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516 Folder Collection
陳凱棋 published on January 20, 2016
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