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(children) Kids React to retro TV!
This episode: Pokémon!
♪ Gotta catch 'em all, Pokémon ♪
♪ (stirring theme music) ♪
- ♪ I wanna be the very best ♪ - What am I watching?
- Pokémon. - ♪ Like no ever was ♪
This is the old Pokémon theme song.
(singing along) ♪ To train them is my cause ♪
♪ I will travel across the land ♪
♪ Searching far and wide ♪ - I've never really liked it before.
♪ Teach Pokémon to understand ♪
♪ The power that's inside ♪
(singing along) ♪ Pokémon, gotta catch 'em all ♪
♪ It's you and me ♪
(singing along) ♪ I know it's my destiny ♪
♪ Pokémon ♪
♪ Oh, you're my best friend ♪
♪ In a world we must defend ♪ - Bad guys.
(whispering) Team Rocket.
The animations! I just love it!
Seriously, the old ones-- they're awesome!
♪ Our courage will pull us through ♪
- (sighs) - ♪ You teach me ♪
(singing along) ♪ And I'll teach you ♪
♪ Pokémon! ♪
♪ Gotta catch them all! ♪
♪ Gotta catch 'em all! Pokémon! ♪
YEAH! - Yeah-he-hes!
This butterfly represents one of my favorite characters.
Um-- um, guess.
(Finebros) Butterfree?
(children) Question time!
(Finebros) Okay, so what was that the theme song for?
(exhausted) Pokémon.
Season one and I believe possibly episode one.
(Finebros) And what is Pokémon, if someone doesn't know?
What is wrong with their lives? (Finebros snicker)
How do they not know such beauty?
Pokémon is this thing that's been going on forever.
It's a TV show, a card game.
A game and a show and some movies.
When I was seven, I may have had a crush on Mewtwo.
I'm not even kidding. A crush.
And how does that happen? I have no idea.
(Finebros) And is this the same opening and theme song
from the Pokémon TV show today?
I have no idea because I don't really watch it.
It's a different one.
The Black and White one is not the same.
This is the first one, I'm pretty sure.
But I love it! It's the old one!
This one looks more organic and drawn.
And the new one's just all shiny and buffed up.
The red-haired girl and then the boy-- they were different.
They're totally changed. There's no way those people don't exist
in the modern-day Pokémon.
(Finebros) And have you ever watched the TV show?
Obviously the old ones on Netflix.
I watched it on Netflix.
Because my brother puts it on!
I love Pokémon so much, me and my two friends
made a whole group about Pokémon.
No, I'm not really much of a Pokémon fan.
That's, like, the first time I've ever seen that really.
Couple, but that was just 'cause I was so bored at home
and I had nothing to do,
and I was just on the couch eating Doritos and... my sad life.
(Finebros) Have you played any of the video games?
No 'cause I hate them.
(snarky chuckles) No.
You guys had me play Pokémon Snap.
Yeah, my brother Darius--
he has a count. He has every Pokémon.
I've beaten two games.
Black and White, Black and White 2.
Pokémon X.
Alpha Sapphire.
I played the original Emerald.
The last gym was the hardest thing of all time.
(Finebros) What about Pokémon cards?
No, I actually had not started yet.
I don't really like card games.
I like basketball. (chuckles)
I have friends that are girls, and they're really into Pokémon.
Like, they have all the cards and they collect it.
I just have them for fun.
'Cause they're cute.
I'm one of those people who collect cards
and put them in binders.
I got Zapdos in a card pack.
(Finebros) Can you list off the names of Pokémon?
Pi-- Pikaku.
Mew and Mewtwo.
Pidgey. Pidgeotto.
Riolu. Lucario.
Eevee. Ninetales.
Charmander, Charmeleon, Charizard.
Snivy, Superior, Servine.
Froakie and Chespin.
Gyarados, Magikarp.
I can't think of any more.
(Finebros) Pokémon first came on to TV in 1997
and was made because of the success of a game in Japan.
It's always made in Japan.
(Finebros) What year were you born?
I was born in 2002.
2002, back in the good days.
(Finebros) So Pokemon is older than you.
Whoa. (giggles)
I want to be older than Pokémon.
(Finebros) So Pokémon has been something popular with kids
for a very long time. Do kids today still like Pokémon?
Oh yeah! I don't know why.
I see people with weird Pokémon hats
and still playing with the cards and have backpacks of Pikachu.
There are still people who are obsessed with it.
Literally do YouTube videos about it and go to tournaments.
I don't know anyone that still watches that show.
It's not as popular as it was, as I was in elementary school.
Probably not as big. But yeah, I bet that there are--
Like, all little kids know who Pikachu is.
(Finebros) Is there anything else that kids are into these days
besides Pokémon? - Yu-Gi-Oh! basically.
Pogs! No. (laughs)
It used to be Five Nights at Freddy's, like, last year.
Minecraft stuff. That's definitely one.
A lot of people at my school are like,
"Oh my gosh, I love Minecraft. I want to be Steve for Halloween."
(Finebros) Why do you think Pokémon is still so popular,
even though it's something that's been around for 20 years?
Because other boys like it. But some girls do.
The animation's got better and better each and every year.
People love it because of the simplicity.
It's not just the Pokémon
and all the different names and styles of them
but the fact that they do so much better than they did
when they only had 151 Pokémon.
They even have Mega Evolutions now.
Every year, they make a new really, really cool Pokémon
and really cool collector's cards.
When someone collects something,
I think that it makes them feel like they're more of a fan.
It's like, try to capture the most out of all your friends.
Be like, "Okay, I'll battle you for all your Pokémon cards,
right now, right here."
I always play for keeps. I'm the boss.
(Finebros) So when you are older and you have kids,
do you hope Pokémon is still popular?
Hopefully. That'll be a dream.
When I'm older, when I have grandkids or something,
I could play at my grandkids'.
If I get old and they still like playing Pokémon,
I can give them my cards.
I really do.
The video games in general, like for the DS and stuff,
the TV show-- it's all amazing.
Thanks for watching Kids React.
In the comments, let us know what we should react to next.
Subscribe! We have new videos every week.
And you know that you want to catch them all.
Bye, guys!
♪ Catch 'em, catch 'em, gotta catch 'em all ♪
♪ Gotta catch 'em all ♪
♪ Pokémon, ah! ♪
♪ (end music) ♪
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34290 Folder Collection
Lun Yu published on September 27, 2017    ED translated    Mandy Lin reviewed
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