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- I just want to talk about the beard for a minute
because it's quite something.
And how long did it take you to grow it, first of all.
- It was six months,
and then I think I had it for an additional year after that.
- Mm-hmm. And how did people treat you?
- There's the shot of me.
- No, that's-- no, that's not
what it was during the movie, right?
That's cleaned up. - No, that was it.
- Oh, really? Well then it didn't look like that
in the movie. It--it--maybe it's 'cause
there was so much ice on it too
'cause it was always frozen. - That was actually wax.
I had a fantastic makeup artist in this movie
who did all the stuff from the bear mauling,
and it was wax that she dribbled all over my face every day.
It was about a four to five hour makeup job every day
with all the scars.
So again, it was just a joy, the whole experience.
- But now see, you're growing it back again or something.
Or are you just going to keep it at that level?
A light stubble. I'm keeping it at a light stubble.
- A light stubble? - Yeah.
- Do you like wearing a beard?
- I don't think I'll ever have a beard like that ever again.
Unless it's for a role.
But yeah, it's hard to maintain.
It's just--stuff gets in there, you know.
You're eating and then food falls in, and you're...
- Right. And you have to shampoo it, right?
- You have to shampoo it, yeah.
- And do you put conditioner in it?
- I did. I did put conditioner--
- 'Cause you'd want it to be soft.
- You do want it to be soft. - Right.
- Otherwise it gets like a Brillo pad.
- And can you--yes. And who wants to feel that?
- Who wants it? - And when you--when you
have food in it, can you tell?
- It's very visible, yeah. Very visible.
- I mean, no, but if you don't have a mirror,
sometimes do you feel like you've walked around
and there's been food in your beard?
- Well, if you have good enough friends,
they notify you if you have
mustard on your beard or something like that.
- Right. - They let you know.
- All right. Just checking.
So you've always been like a daredevil,
but you've done--I think I've talked to you about
you swim with sharks, or you have.
- Yeah. - And you've jumped out
of an airplane. - Yeah.
- On a regular basis, or-- - I only did that once.
- Once. Will you do it again? - When you're--
when both parachutes don't open,
you tend to not go repeat something like that, yeah.
- What are you talking about? Well then, how'd you get down?
- I had--I jumped out of the airplane,
and then my first chute didn't open.
They cut--it's tandem, so somebody's on your back.
They cut that line.
We've started freefalling towards Earth,
and that's when you get the, you know,
8x10 glossies of your whole life flashing before your eyes.
And then, the second one was tangled as well,
and I saw my friends sort of popping off with their,
you know, their parachutes,
and I'm still plummeting towards planet Earth.
And--and then that was tangled for about a good,
I don't know, 20, 30 seconds,
and then he untangled it, and then he told me,
"Oh, you're probably gonna break your legs now
because this-- we're going too fast."
So it was one of the worst experiences of my life,
and I'll never do it again. - And did you break your legs?
- I did not break my legs. - Wow.
So he's whispering in your ear--or yelling in your--
- He was screaming. - Screaming in your--
[whispering] "Break your leg."
- [whispering] "You're gonna break your legs."
- [screaming] "What?
I can't hear you."
Wow, that's just horrible.
So what's the scariest thing you've ever done?
- I was on a plane to Russia,
and the engine exploded.
I was looking out the window and the entire engine
just turned into a fireball.
It was right after Sully had that incident happen to him
where the geese flew into both engines.
- Right. And he landed on the river.
- Yeah. This happened in one of the engines,
and I was the only person there that seemed to see this,
but it was a flaming fireball,
and it was all Russian passengers.
And I kinda felt like I'd already died and gone to heaven
'cause no one said anything.
And I was screaming at the top of my lungs saying,
"What the hell is going on here?"
And the people just kinda looked back at me
and the stewardess came out and said,
"We seem to have a slight problem here."
And the Russian guy finally said,
"What is the problem?"
And he said, "Well, we-- we lost one of our engines."
And he sa--he goes, "How many engines did we have?"
He goes, "Well, we had two. Now we have one."
he proceeded to say, "That is not--that is not good.
That is not good."
And we basically dumped fuel for 45 minutes,
and did an emergency landing, and all our tires exploded
and there was a hundred different ambulances there,
and it was on CNN. That was another bummer.
- Wow. Oh, my God.
That's incredible.
- I feel like I should write a book now.
- Yeah, well no, I'm gonna write it.
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Leo's Bad Luck

31051 Folder Collection
劉采翎 published on February 11, 2016    劉采翎 translated    Mandy Lin reviewed
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