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  • What is the state of US-Iranian relations?

  • delicate and complicated.

  • Last year, the Obama administration and the Iranian government negotiated a historic deal,

  • in which Iran agreed to restrain its nuclear program in return for easing the economic sanctions.

  • That deal is meant to go into effect later this week. But there are hardliners in both the U.S. and Iran who opposed the deal,

  • and the two sides' militaries operating close proximity to each other in the Persian Gulf, which creates the risk of a clash.

  • Just ______ taking place, two U.S. Navy vessels were taken at the custody by the Iranians after a ____ ran into Iranian waters before being swiftly released.

  • What is the broader geopolitical context?

  • There's a state of war and disorder all over the Middle East, which makes maintaining the improvement in U.S.-Iran relations very difficult.

  • Saudi Arabia, a key American ally, has poisoned its relations with Iran,

  • and the Iranians are also supporting the Assad regime in Syria and his belied Lebanon who the Americans are bitterly oppose to.

  • On the other hand, Iran and the U.S. are in a tacit alliance in Iraq, as they both fight to dislodge the Jihadists of Islamic State.

  • So is the Iranian nuclear deal secure ?

  • Not necessarily, It's clear that both president Obama in the U.S. and the president Rouhani in Iran are committed to the deal.

  • But they're not fully in control of the political process in their own countries or revenge on the ground in the conflict with the Middle East.

  • Over the next year, an accident could easily happen to derail the deal.

What is the state of US-Iranian relations?

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