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  • What!!!

  • Look those food.

  • Look at this guy! Look what he's eating.

  • Okay, the clothing in this, this is like a fashion show.

  • It's fair.

  • It really does sounds like Chinese. It's this Chinese you guys?

  • I think...

  • I think so.

  • Sounds Mandarin as fuck.

  • Oh! Oh my god!

  • "Boys are stupid let them fall."

  • The fans.

  • I wanna hang in this club, for three reasons.

  • Cloth, Um-beyonce, the fact that she just said that.

  • We're gonna barge in there.

  • This is a whole .... Wait! What's special effect going on right now?

  • She's gonna sing in the floor?

  • She'd better.

  • She wants to be herself, she doesn't want to be your girl.

  • It's a fan wipe.

  • I don't give a fuck. This is a fan wipe

  • My girl.

  • And her hair is like a little tiny bun.

  • It reminds me of Ten girls so bad.

  • Obviously the two girls are the main features of the most.

  • Oh they're poisoning them?

  • Aww, thank you, thank you!

  • What have I asked for in every fucking video.

  • Oh I think they are gonna be burnt up and die.

  • That's what you get for looking at that pussy.

  • Look at this. Cool! Oh my god!

  • This is so cool!

  • Bitches don't give a fuck.

  • Did that bitch turn him into a horse?

  • That was so cool.

  • I am not that drunk, that happened!

  • That was real, right? That happened!

  • We saw the same thing. Yup.

  • Is she mixed? She must be mixed.

  • They're just working in the camera. They don't give a fuck.

  • I'm so entranced by them

  • This is very 90's.

  • I know. It makes me think of Destiny's Child.

  • Is it just them? Is it just they two?

  • Did they have another band?

  • It gotta be just them. I think it's just them.

  • What? All the donkeys!

  • That's even best, better though.

  • Whoa, that is an annual action shit.

  • What? I'm too drunk for that!

  • I'm sorry.

  • That must the two girls being wolves.

  • Okay yeah. I guess that was ...

  • I don't care what was that but that was great

  • I don't even care if I understand it.


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