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It’s a lovely place. They said it’s regional italian,
whatever that means.
It got some amazing reviews online.
Mostly I get into work about 9, though, if the traffic is heavy, sometimes it can
be as late as 9.30. It’s alright though, I usually have a book with me.
I grew up in the countryside, so I’m used to big distances. I’ve been riding
bikes since I was a kid. Grazed knees and all that. I’m not scared of the traffic.
You just have to make sure they know you’re there.
It’s a part of data services where basically we hire servers to take some of
the pressure off at peak time and then charge them depending on how much capacity they use.
I think it’s basically trying to make like a point about womens position
in society and how capitalism basically disenfranchises and alienates
people who don’t conform to the heterodoxy, you know?
I think. But like, maybe it lends itself to film noir too.
So I’m working for the youngest partner. Usually it takes two years to reach associate
status, but I’m recon I could do it in one, if I hit all my targets.
I hardly ever eat artichokes, they’re such weird things really. Imagine the courage
of the first person who ate one. Must have been truly desperate.
Yeah, nothing next to the courage of the guy who first ate an oyster...
I’ll certainly give it a few more years, then who knows. There might be an opportunity
for me in America.
The company is based in Atlanta, which is in effect everywhere really...
And then my Nan lost her leg.
No I’ll get it, I insist. It was my idea.
Thank you, you’re so kind. I didn’t expect it, I mean, it’s so generous of you.
This was great, thanks Yeah, so I guess I’ll see you around.
Maybe who we are isn't always unacceptable. It's worth risking more. Next time.
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How Not to Think on a Date

1090 Folder Collection
Jacky Avocado Tao published on January 13, 2016    Lianna translated    Kristi Yang reviewed
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