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  • I can't ever give up. Because I can't leave my daughters.

  • The best thing I've ever done, the best thing I will ever do, is be a dad to Taelor and Sydni.

  • I love you guys more than I would ever be able to express.

  • You two are my heartbeat.

  • I'm standing on this stage here tonight, because of you.

  • My dad was always the sports guy that was that much as clear.

  • He went to all my games, and he was always there on the sidelines with critiques and congratulations.

  • Just the excitement that he had about watching me play soccer.

  • I had never seen him happier.

  • I remember when I was young my father taught me how to use a camera.

  • He showed me how to load film into a camera, which he had forgotten.

  • After I showed him the camera his father gave me he was immediately excited.

  • That was the first thing I remember about taking pictures.

  • The neckless I'm wearing right now he gave it to me for Christmas, and it was the last gift he ever gave me.

  • It was probably a bit of a turning point.

  • The fact that he gave it to me, I couldn't really stay in denial anymore.

  • It's nice to be able to have something that I can keep close to me that reminds me of him.

  • I was taking a photography class and they said, "Well, go where you spend your time."

  • And the only place I really went was, to the hospital to see my father.

  • I said, "Can I take these pictures of you?"

  • And he said, "Yeah! Of course."

  • It was like, back when I was little, it was the best time we got to spent together in years

  • The image that he had always put out was one of strength

  • There is a different kind of value and still strength in vulnerability

  • So I've been reading my dad's book

  • It's the most amazing thing ever to be able to hear his voice again and to hear him talking to me.

  • It was sort of this unspoken... when I finished the book, I know that it's the last thing that he'll ever say to me.

  • The hardest thing is probably being very, very lonely.

  • He was a father but he was also a friend during that time.

  • And I feel like I've lost a friend.

  • The hardest part of losing my dad has been times when I either thought I saw him somewhere, and when there are things that I want to tell him.

  • I would to like to thank him for liking me.

  • For all the times that people haven't really liked me, he really liked my personality.

  • He said, "You're my favorite person."

  • And so, to be... to just be loved that way.

  • My father said, "When you die, it does not mean you lose to cancer."

  • "You beat cancer by how you live, why you live, and the manner in which you live."

I can't ever give up. Because I can't leave my daughters.

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A love letter from Stuart Scott’s daughters, one year after his passing.

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    Jack Lu posted on 2021/06/26
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