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Oh my god! Where am I?
How could it be that I'm sleeping here?
Is this Demetrius?
Are you ok?
Yes, I am alright.
My darling Helena!
Are you also fine?
I'm fine... but... Demetrius...
What's wrong, honey? You look so bewildered...
Did you really love me?
Yes, of course!
YES! You are the most beautiful woman I've seen
Oh Gosh, I can't believe it!
Can you give me a slap on the face?
No... no! Hitting you will pain me more!
It's ok! Just hit me.
Ouch! It really hurts!
Baby, hit me one more time!
Just kidding!
Wow! Everything is real!
Demetrius! You do truly love me.
But what about your wedding with Hermia?
My darling, let's go home!
Let's go back to Athens to call off my wedding
I will explain everything to Hermia's father that I love you.
Demetrius! Helena!
What are you doing here?
And your hands...
Demetrius, have you finally come to your senses?
Well, yes, I... I guess so.
Tonight's been the strangest night of my life.
I think I've fallen in love with Helena...
Yes! Demetrius does love me now!
Thanks, my dear friend.
In this dreamy night, I felt like we had become enemies.
I have that feeling, too, but thank God, it was all just a dream.
We must hurry back to Athens to explain everything to Hermia's father
I must marry Helena.
Yes! Now that you love Helena,
Hermia's father has no reason to refuse me and her.
Yes! My darling, this matter should not be delayed.
Let's go back to Athens immediately!
These humans have tired me out!
Fortunately it's over now.
Theseus's wedding is only a couple of days from now.
The king and the queen are once again on good terms.
Perhaps we fairies can join them.
Ok! I'll go report it to my master right now.
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15/17 2010MTAE第四屆畢業公演 仲夏夜之夢

2197 Folder Collection
李程昊 published on January 11, 2016
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