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Im on an iPhone
Where have the bars gone?
I swear I had service a minute ago.
mm I, I know its been hard to call me
You've tried without any luck
I swear Im not getting them
My reception sucks
So you decide to text me,
After our stupid fight
I try text you I love you
And it corrects "You" to "Bryce"
Hows that the same, this will be
Hard to explain,
Considering, that I know
A guy by that name
I try to call you and claim
Siri just thinks Im gay,
But its all in vain.
Cause Im on an iPhone
Where is the dial tone?
I swear I had service a minute ago.
Its Searching and Searching
I couldn't be networking
Playing Draw Something with you
If these 4g speeds really did exist,
I would still be posting our instagram pics,
All these carriers are full of it
Cant I get an app for better service?
So I go to higher ground
In search for reception
I remember Nokia phones
Had no problems connecting
So I try to facetime you,
Once Im at the highest Hight
But I dont see your face
And all I can see is Brice
Wait, hold the phone
Are you at my home?
This has got to be crossing
Some kind of Bro code,
The call drops, this ain't his ground
I text him "major takedown"
But corrects it to "shakedown"
Im on an iPhone
Where are the Payphones
If they still existed Id be better off,
Its Searching and Searching,
I could be networking
Playing Fruit Ninja with you
Everytime I swear, it corrects it
And all my strong worded texts look harmless
Maybe I bought the ipod touch
That would explain why my service sucks
But ill still keep my signature at the end
Cause after all of this, yeah, Im still bragging.
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Maroon 5 - Payphone ft. Wiz Khalifa - (Music Video Parody)

32028 Folder Collection
Andre Wong published on July 22, 2016    張玉聖 translated    Mandy Lin reviewed
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