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Hello, everyone
today, we are going to eat fast food again
oh, how much fast food I had ate!
Today's fast food restaurant is Arby's
What makes Arby's special?
First, the dipping sauces
beside ketchup
they have a sauce called "Arby's sauce"
Arby's sauce tastes like ketchup with hot peppers
the white one is horsey sauce
horsey sauce tastes has a little hint of wasabi
I ordered a meal for adult
which comes with a sandwich
and a kid's meal
also comes with sandwich
and fry
the drink(from the kid's meal) is milk
and another snack
Mozzarella cheese sticks
all the those costed $14.13 after tax
Arby's sell sandwiches
what is the difference between sandwich and hamburger
The meat in hamburger is ground meat
you make a pettie then grill it
the meat in sandwich is sliced
this is the beef sandwich from the kids meal
every kid's meal comes with a toy
it's an unwritten rule in fast food restaurant
this is the toy we got
the sandwich I ordered is called Reuben
This is a typical Jewish name
the meat in it is called corned beef
it doesn't mean the cow was fed by corn
it means the beef was marinated by coarse salt
so the meat tastes really good
because it had been marinated
a little bit like cured meat
the best thing in Arby's is the fry!
this is THE best fry among fast food restaurant
I think they had some seasoning on their fries
so the fry is tasty without dipping
and it is called curly fry
it is curlly
The texture is different from French fry
so when I eat at Arby's
I always order a combo instead of just a sandwich
Their fry is my favorite
I come here just for the fries
the Mozzarella cheese stickes
is an Italian food with American characteristics?
or an American food with Italian characteristics?
They bread the cheese sticks
then fry them
I think this one from Arby's is average
if can find better ones from Italian restaurants
fast food in America is a large industry
however, they have bad images
so the fast food restaurants are trying hard to manage their image
such as Arby's will emphasis they use natural ingredients
they slice meat daily
they use good ingredients
Wendy's will emphasis the sea salt on the fries
the beef had never been frozen
Chick-Fila emphasis their lemonade is squeezed from real lemon
hand breaded chicken right here before it had been fried
I think these facts are very interesting
to me,
the ultimate goal of their marketing stratigies is
distinguishing them from McDonald's
so, next episode
I will talk about McDonald's
see you next time, bye
I went to DQ for the banana split!
really good
there are three scoopes of ice cream
a banana splited on the sides
with two kinds of sauce on top
and some whipped cream
the famous banana split from DQ
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Arby's and Curly Fry 美国快餐厅

676 Folder Collection
红树 published on January 10, 2016
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