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  • I just couldn't do it.

  • Well...

  • If you need some more time,

  • I guess I can wait.

  • No, I don't need more time, robbie.

  • I don't ever want to marry you.

  • [exhales]

  • Jeez, you know, that information

  • Might have been a little more useful to me yesterday.

  • [sighs]

  • I've been talking to my friends

  • The last couple of days...

  • Oh, here it comes.

  • And I think I figured out what's been bothering me.

  • I'm not in love with robbie now.

  • I'm in love with robbie 6 years ago--

  • Robbie, the lead singer of final warning--

  • When I used to come and watch you from the front row

  • In your spandex pants,

  • Your silk shirt unbuttoned...

  • Licking the microphone like david lee roth.

  • I still got the spandex.

  • I'll put them on right now.

  • The point is, I woke up this morning,

  • And I realized I'm about to marry a wedding singer.

  • I am never going to leave ridgefield.

  • Why do you need to leave ridgefield?

  • We grew up here.

  • All our friends are here.

  • It's the perfect place to raise a family.

  • Oh, yeah.

  • Living in your sister's basement with 5 kids

  • While you're off every weekend doing wedding gigs

  • At a whopping 60 bucks a pop?

  • Once again,

  • Things that could have been brought to my attention...

  • Yesterday!

  • The fact is, we grew apart a long time ago.

  • Mm-mmm.

I just couldn't do it.

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Things That Should've Been Said Yesterday - The Wedding Singer (2/6) Movie CLIP (1998) HD

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