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- One thing
you can be certain of, on this planet,
and tomorrow,
is that where there is a tattoo parlor,
there will be a motorcycle.
Been that way since Aristotle.
What's up, guys?
Lew here, back with another video and today,
I am checking out something quite interesting.
This is called the CreoPop
and to be completely honest with you,
I know very little about it.
But that generally makes for
very nice Unbox Therapy videos.
What I do know
is that it's a 3D printing pen.
Now, that sounds kind of confusing.
Essentially, this thing outputs some material,
some plastic type stuff that,
as it exits the pen, it turns into...
sort of a...
a structure, an object.
It's also safe too, like I was thinking,
what about this hot stuff coming out.
Hot plastic coming out of the tip.
I don't know. Apparently, it's safe.
Different inks available to it,
including elastic, magnetic, glow-in-the-dark.
I'm excited.
Here, you can see some people also having fun.
This guy is trying to step all over my beard game,
he's doing a poor job.
Let's go ahead and crack this baby open.
This is the pen.
That's the pen.
We have the ink.
Some paperwork, instruction manual.
Do I need to read this? Probably?
A drawing mat.
Oh cool. Alright.
So I can draw right on top of that.
Mini USB cable to charge up the pen, I assume.
Maybe I should read the Quick Start guide, I don't know.
Is this...No?
Let's check out these inks.
See, this is why the manual is probably important, Jack.
Look at these little rubber things.
Like do you know what those are?
No, you don't.
These are gonna give you different outputs,
depending on which one you select.
Let's get one of these babies going.
Red. Orange and...
What is that?
That's like a cyan?
I'm gonna removing this nozzle.
Crack open the pen.
So the nozzle actually comes through the end here.
Power switch.
This is pretty intense.
There's a couple different modes here.
FiIling mode or light-only mode.
So there's different speeds for extrusion of the material.
Oh, I got something!
Oh, wow!
That's wild.
It's hardening in place.
It's amazing that I'm actually drawing something
vertically right now.
What! That is completely hardened!
(groovy music)
That one's a little bit more tightly knit.
As you can tell.
People in those pictures,
look at the stuff they're making right now.
This girl's making a flower over here.
This dude's making a rocket ship or something.
I know what I'm gonna do.
I'm gonna draw...
The foot.
What? It's stuck to me right now.
Here comes the leg.
Do another leg.
And there's the body.
The arm.
Another arm. And a head.
Gotta get the ears on there.
Couple of hands on there.
He's doing some athletic pose.
Do you ever pose like this, Jack?
This is wild!
What else might be cool?
Maybe like a tree.
What do you think? Maybe a tree?
Tim Burton would have a...
"Nightmare Before Christmas."
They'd have a tree like that.
I'm trying to convert the tree and put branches on it.
(groovy music)
Not bad!
See, now this is where you might want to switch
into light-only mode.
Now I just harden that baby right up.
(groovy music)
I feel like this guy's a little bit long.
I wonder if I can just break this guy off.
I don't like this one branch.
(groovy music)
You know, this is like some kind of Dr. Seuss style tree.
Let's switch colors now.
That's a great idea.
(groovy music)
I'm zoning out.
I'm in, like, child mode right now.
It's just so cool to be crafting something in real time
and in vertical space.
Yeah. That's fun.
You're in there, Jack!
Just hanging off the branches.
Like the chimpanzee he is.
There you have it.
CreoPop. Creativity.
For days.
It's the ability to draw in 3D with plastic
and the limitations are you.
As you can see, I'm severely limited.
Here on Unbox Therapy, I get to try out so many,
so many things I never knew existed.
My appreciation to you for putting me in this position.
And thank you for continuing to watch all this cool stuff.
Hope you guys appreciated it, enjoyed it.
I have some links in the description
if you want to learn more.
Leave a thumbs up down below if you enjoyed this content.
Thank you very much for watching
and I'll catch you in the next episode.
Later, guys.
(groovy music)
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How To Draw In 3D

851 Folder Collection
羅紹桀 published on January 9, 2016
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