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Since I did several tapes
Probably alot of people ask me
Why you want to show off
To the Wing Chun guy
The purpose I am doing this tape
Because I am getting old now
Maybe next year or whatever I can't do it anymore
Might as well I do this
It's for Ip Man's direct students
Maybe they are too old to do this type of thing now.
So I am doing this now
Although when I do this thing now
Alot of Wing Chun people will not like it
Oh you expose Wing Chun, It is not expose
You do the thing you want to get that timing
Coordination on time
It also takes you years
to train
to get that coordination and timing
So it does not matter to expose it
Nowadays firearms take care of everything
You don't have to do it
This is physics
Can you do it?
The coordination
not the knowledge
You can talk alot of theory
but the application has got to be on time
no fool playing
not winning by talking
but winning by action.
Chi Sau or sticking hands
is the soul of Wing Chun.
When I learned Wing Chun with Ip Man
we didn't have distance fighting.
We started with sticking hands
Tan Sau, Fuk Sau or Bong Sau.
We never had distance fighting
Luckily we snuck out to fight with other styles
we went out to get our experience
Now people have the sticking hands experience
We have it so you stick hands pretty good but you can't fight
Other people can fight but they can't stick hands.
Just like Yin and Yang
You do good at Yang doesn't mean you have the Yin part.
You do the Yin part doesn't mean you have the Yang part.
Pretty funny
If you are very emotional I tell you to calm down
The gap from emotion to calm
takes how long and then you do sticking hands.
Another reason is
Sticking hands has forearm power
and bicep power
Sticking hands is mostly bicep power
Ok now
Becasue the bicep power when I push the guy out
I am using the elbow next to my body
Why Wing Chun is like that
Because the structure is aiming on the floor
Aiming on the floor I get ground power
I lift my body up
I lift his arm up
But if you do this
Where do you lift?
Maybe you're a big guy you lift here.
you can do that
But we small guys, Ip man was my size
How can he lift up a big guy?
So you have to have a way to lift the guy.
Hydraulics, you need the ground power!
The ground power
is called the structure.
Here, from here to a line down there
There's no line down there, you want to lift this arm up
you've got to come from your arm
If you are a big muscular guy you can do it
but normal people, can they do it
I doubt it. Now put the pressure on me
press harder!
I lift you up.
So this is the Tan Sau.
A lot of people do Tan Sau like this
so you don't lift anything
Because down here is nothing
Nothing to support
So this is what the structure is for.
Then it doesn't matter if you want it or don't want it
If you are a big guy, a young guy, you have alot of arm power
you can do it.
Another thing is
this is the bicep power
Why? Because the bicep is close to the body
So you use the body to lift this up
but then talk about landing
If I land using bicep power to land
That will be the question.
Fighting will need a Pak Sau, you have to get rid of this hand
This is for lifting.
It's not for delivering.
If you deliver like that
you destroy your 3rd line
(His) center line goes here (to your right line)
The right side line goes here.
Right side here!
Now you are using the physical (strength).
physical (strength) to physical (strength)
I lift this so the center lifts.
To deliver I have to get rid of this hand.
How do I get rid of his hand?
The Bong Sau gets rid of his hands.
Lift the pressure off your elbow.
So from Tan Sau to Bong Sau
I lift. If I continue
I can't lift him anymore.
I continue to lift
That's it
The Bong Sau is for lifting
Lift the guy
It's not for fighting
Some people, they punch and they do this
No you do the lifting
That's why.. he knows how to counter me
Ok it's not for fighting
It's for contact lifting.
Ok now
Come to here
I lift him up
Ok I change my hand now!
I use the time gap. He doesn't realize what's going on.
I switch the hand.
Just like magic
I do this
I lift I hit
Then he continues to go back
So this is just like you play magic.
right hand left hand I let you see it then I slip it
so this is
the interchanging of the hands
The question is
I teach you - can you do it?
Just like magic
But he didn't do the magic
You have to take a long time to practice
Now this type of thing
I lift, I can't lift him what are you going to do
I can't lift his hand
Just because his pressure is too strong
I can't lift it
So I use his mind
I keep lifting him (keep up pressure)
He keeps pressing
His mind is on this hand
I use this hand, get out of my way
Because his mind is on lifting my hand
His mind is not on the other side (of his body)
I use this side to crash his own hand
and I go
Then no argument
When you do a hard job I do this
Then I come to here
One hand controls two hands
Here control
One hand controls two hands
OK this will be the skill
How to from left hand switch it to right hand
and left hand switch it to this.
Now, body structure is still there
If I want to make him
go harder I just...
just go
Power, structure everything goes at once.
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Wing Chun Chi Sau 1

534 Folder Collection
鍾隆泰 published on January 9, 2016
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