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  • - It is an absolutely gorgeous day.

  • The sun is shining.

  • The water is blue.

  • I'm about to jump on this boat and go on a tour of Sun Moon Lake.

  • I'm out here on the lake now, and it's incredible.

  • The water, I feel like I'm in the Caribbean.

  • It's turquoise.

  • The entire lake is ringed by these giant emerald mountains.

  • I can see pagodas off in the distance, the Wen Wun Temple.

  • This place is definitely magical.

  • Experiencing the lake on the boat was fantastic.

  • But now I'm gonna go up high in a gondola and get a bird's eye view.

  • You can see different villages and all the different pockets of the lake.

  • You can really get a sense of how turquoise the water is.

  • And just cruising above here, it's just beautiful.

  • I'm looking at a big set of stairs here.

  • I gotta climb to the top.

  • But I hear it's gonna be worth it because the view from up there is really nice.

  • Check it out.

  • Totally worth the hike to the top.

  • And this pagoda was actually built by Chiang Kai-shek.

  • And he built it in honor of his mama.

  • So he's a big mama's boy.

  • And he made it so that every time you look at this you'd be reminded of his special mother.

  • Pretty cool guy.

  • (bell tolls)

  • It's been a beautiful day here on Sun Moon Lake.

  • I got to experience it from a boat and high above in a gondola and now beautiful sunset.

- It is an absolutely gorgeous day.

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