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Waddup Food Tuber's! Mr Oliver here with the lovely Hannah from My Drunk Kitchen.
Come on. Hello. Hello!
Nice to have you back. Thank you it's good to be here.
Yeah, we're going to do something special today aren't we?
Yes we are.
We are going to cook. Go on, you tell them.
Spotted dick. Oh yes!
Don't be worried, please. Because this is old-school British puddings!
Lets show a picture of what the final spotted dick loves like. We'll voice over it. Okay.
Look at that. It's spongy.
Oh hello, beautiful!
That's a dick I want to eat.
Okay, so now you've seen what you're gonna get. So, it's beautiful, yeah?
Lets make the recipe. I've got a pan on here
of boiling water.
Nice big pan.
We have 300 grams of self-raising flour.
In American I don't know if you have self-raising flour?
No. Our flour all has very low self-esteem.
It's more like self-belittling flour.
You might have to put some raising agent into it.
It's the yeast you could do.
Erm, the yeast. That was good.
Okay. We're gonna add suet. It's the fat from around the kidney from an animal.
You'd have this as well.
In my body? Yeah.
What animal is this from? This is from beef.
From beef? Yep.
We need 150 grams of fat.
In a modern day sense they often use 150 grams of butter.
But her, I barely know her.
Spotted dick.
I want you to get your hands in there and rub it all together.
Okay great.
So, 300 grams of self-raising flour, 150 grams of fat, it could be all butter. I've gone for 50/50 suet and butter
for flavour and texture.
The next bit is 75 grams of granulated sugar.
Carry on rubbing my darling.
This is the most my hands have rubbed a dick in years.
Well that's a good technique going on right now.
Is this how you do it? Yeah. You're doing just fine.
Okay, if you'd like to stir in 180mls
that means nothing to me,
of semi-skimmed milk.
You're kinda making a batter.
A pinch of salt, this will just give a wonderful seasoning.
Traditionally the spotted part would be little currants, but now if you go to an average supermarket
they have these lovely golden sultanas, bilberries, blueberries, sour cranberries, blackcurrants and
traditional currants.
Could you do like a magic shot? Run our hands over. Hopefully this will work in the edit. Woah.
I don't think the audience are gonna tell the difference.
I'm going to use that in all of my shows as of now.
Just put a little bit of boiling water over the top, let them swell.
I'm going to add my spot to your dick.
Now we go into an old-fashioned British pudding bowl.
This one has a bit in the middle which speeds it up.
But you could use a traditional straight bowl.
Straight bowl. Gay bowl. You put your dick where you want it.
You can just slap it in there, and then. Here we go.
We have a bit of grease-proof paper here, which has been buttered.
This gets pushed on top. You don't have to lubricate, but I recommend it, so then it comes off nice and easily.
Tie it here, then do one knot, then do another knot. When you go tight, it stays tight.
So you can have a lot of movement involved and it won't budge an inch.
Yes. One hundred percent.
Beautiful. Wow.
Now that's a knot.
Can I do a walk with it? Yeah. Okay. Come in.
5-6-7-8. And catwalk, and sassy, and Jamie is so sassy. Hey, look at that spotted dick.
It's come up so good, er, wow! Beautiful. Oh my God! That's a knot.
Now. Drop it in some boiling water. Camera, follow.
Ooh, no. Stop. Stop.
Oh, you need to put the newspaper in.
I didn't want the bottom getting crispy. We're going to put this in the bottom, and then we put it on top.
We just get some foil. This particular one with a thing i the middle, we go for about an hour and a half,
In a conventional bowl steam it for just about two hours. Do a double wrap. Foiled again.
Or for the first time. This is the first time we've ever foiled this.
Turn it down to a gentle simmer.
Okay, and that's basically it.
So maybe I should take this. Alright guys 1-2-3. Soemthing like that.
Forget cooking. We should do magic.
So, here we go. Okay, here we go.
Just take the lid off.
Un-sheet the spotted dick now. Un-sheet it.
Oh yeah! That's what we got. We got raise there guys.
Lets go. 1-2-3. For the first time I just really want this dick.
Okay. Here we go. Ooh. Ooh. Yes go for it, and pass to me straight away.
Oh yeah! That is beautiful.
I think that this dick needs some cream.
We're going to go in with some custard in the hole. Oh I love it. Oh that is gorgeous.
Are you ready? I am ready.
So, it smells really good. I'm actually just very excited to eat this.
And before you say anything just chew that spotted bit.
Just chew that spotty bit.
Mmm. Just let it rotate around your mouth. Oh my God, Jesus Christ.
This was dicklicious.
So there you go guys. I hope you enjoyed that. If you liked it please like it,
share it on your social media, and if you want to check out the lovely Hannah's channel - My Drunk Channel -
then that box, over there somewhere, click it!
Go on click it. What are we doing?
Jamie will be thee and he will be helping me premier the very first recipe from my new book
My Drunk Kitchen: A Guide to Gut Instincts.
We're going to make the Hartwitch.
Click over there.
Thanks. Bye-bye!
Fashion with Jay and Hay. It's all about confidence. A-hm.
And we're going to go around our dick. That dick is flaming!
I'm glad we got that out of there.
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Jamie & Hannah’s Spotted Dick | My Drunk Kitchen

946 Folder Collection
Li-Chi Hsueh published on December 29, 2015
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