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JackSepticEye: You really are not easing me into this whole "Garry'sMod"
Mark: You wanna play with me?
Mark: Why aren´t you looking at me?
JackSepticEye: He´s stuck in the door. He just keeps spinning around.
Mark: Get in there. Hahaha
Oh thats perfect! -What are you doing?
Everyones going in the party wall.
Jack: Everyones going to timeout.
Mark: Yeah thats timeout for all the bad behaving monsters.
Jack: You´ve been a bad "Tripod". Now go think about what you've done.
Mark: hihi.. stay over there
Hello everyone my name is Markiplier and I´m here joined by JackSepticEye
And we´re gonna play some Gmod Jack: Hello
Jack: I´m trying to mess with this guy
He´s not moving
Mark: Well, he´s dead.
Did you kill him? There´s a lot of blood here.
-No -Did you murder this man? - No
Jack: This is not my fault. Mark: I would like to know right now.
Oh, you doged. Jack: whoa
Mark: Too bad you can´t die
Get outta here
Jack: Come on. Hit me , so try to hit me and hit me
Jack: This is not how this is supposed to go! Mark: No? How was this supposed to go?
Jack: We´re supposed to work together! Mark: No, that´s not the point in Gmods..
Mark: Okay , alright, fine
You wanna work together? Wait, hang on !
Let´s build something!
Mark: Hey you wanna play with me? (3x) Jack: Oh sweet Jesus! Stop it!
Jack: I don´t like it! Mark: Hey you pretty lady
(Mark) mumbling and weird noises
Jack: Why is there a dead ant lying over here?!
ok.. ok.. it´s time for like .. walking ...... of robots Mark: Wah! you killed him .. you killed him!
Mark: ech ech... (imitating zombie noises)
Jack: Oh sweet lord! Mark: My fort is fort "blamass"
You are not allowed
no one´s allowed in
No one named Jack is allowed!
Jack: Nothing´s spawnig for me! I don´t like it...
You´ve got one box, that´s your fort?
what a pithily little fort !
-Oh Jack: I´m building err... ammo crates!
Mark: Oh how pathetic your fort is compared to my glorious fort "blamass"
Jack: Leave me alone! This is how the irish built!
Mark: laughs What is some famous irish buildings? I´m stuck ....
Jack: a.. a.. America! We built America!
Mark:laughs You built America with your bare hands... Jack: We did!
... while we sipped british tea Jack: What! Wait what the ...
Mark: What are you doing over there ? Jack: Did you do that !?
Mark: No, I didn´t do anything
I´m still building fort blamass.
Mark: Hey shut up! It´s not a
but even if it was that would be okay ... so shut up !
Mark: I think I started lagging the server so eh...
... I think my fort is done Jack: ehm.. You broke it !
Mark: No I didn´t !
yeah I might have broke it ...
Jack: okey my fort´s done!
Try and hit me !
Mark: ok ok I´ll shoot one at you ...
I only got a grenade so.. I´ll shoot that at you
Jack: oh.. Oh.. Ohh!!! Mark: oh direct hit!
Oh your box is burning !
Oh your fort is so pithily and pathetic!
Jack: I should not have made this out of wood! Mark: Come on! Bring it on!
wait, that´s a bad idea...
this eh ....
Jack: Yeah..!!
Mark: haha.. my fort Jack: Bye fort !
Mark: boop boop...
Jack: What are you doing?
Are you trying to kill me ? mark laughs
Jack: What happened...It didn´t work!
Markt: the thrusters are...
Oh okey I thought you flew in here...
Hang on! I accidentally buried it in the ground... Hang on !
Jack: Ok.. 10.. 10.. 10... Mark: Go baby Go!
Jack: I didn´t finish my countdown !!
Jack: Jesus....
Mark: get outta here!!
Jack: That was a good first effort Mark: Yeah.. but we can do better ..
because this is irish ehh.. no ...
speaking with really bad accent
Jack: Yeah that´s not even close...
Mark: Why? I was doing scottish, I wasn´t doing irish..
Jack: for shame Mark!
Mark: ochey I never had a scottish accent like this before. I bet!
Jack: I got a real bit of a scottsman
Mark: oh ok ..
so you can actually do it because you are near by them ...
so eh.. how about ehm...
Jack: Yeah they are just over there...
I can wave at them ! Hi!~
Mark: Can you really !?
Mark: So I´m gonna go with my same design
and you´re gonna go back in there
Jack: Ok
Mark: ok you ready?
cause this is gonna be fun
Mark: alright ... 10.. 9.. GO!
Jack: for freedom ! Mark laughs
Jack: Oh I can´t swim ...
Mark: Where did y...Oh My God!
Are you still in there?
Jack: It doesn´t matter ! Mark: Whoa
Jack: What?.. shit!
Mark: Are you ok?
Jack: I don´t know !
I can´t see anything!
lot´s of laughter
epic music
Mark: Noo.. I don´t wanna go!
ok.. alright.. ok..
I went ... Arrghh
I just keep hitting walls and the ground,
you went off like a rocket!
Jack: just sit tight, you´re gonna be fine !
Mark: hang on.. I think it needs more rockets
I think it needs more rockets..
Jack: I know what I´m doing
I´m a whale biologist!
Mark: more thrusting... Jack: it looks like lampshades!
Mark: No ! They´re thrusters! Jack: That is not right!
have you played "Kerbal Space Program"?!?
Mark: Yeah! and this is how I built them !
My ship was called "The Crashy McSplodey"
So I don´t think you want my a...
Where did I go?!?
alright I´m in it
I´m in it to win it! Jack: Are you ready?
Mark: I don´t know how I got the third person
but I am in here
Jack: Ok, just go! Mark: I think you missed
Ahhh... Where am I going?
I hit...You did this again !
So how about... no no Noo!
hahaha Oh God... Jack: You´re doing Doughnuts
Mark: Thank you I know
Mark: beautiful seat Jack: It´s getting there
Mark: it´s as beautiful as the person who built it and you are beautiful
Jack: You don´t know me !
Mark: haha Ok
ok whatever Jack: this is how Jack builds!
Mark: alright here get in my rocket, this is a much better model than the previous one ,so ..
Jack: You are missing a wheel !
Mark: Ah that wheel wasn´t structurally necessary anyway .. so just get in there
Jack: Ok launch me !
Mark: 3.. 2.... potato! haha
Jack: It didn´t work!
Mark: Oh god if you could look behind you
just stay there for a second..
Jack: just leave me up here .. yeah great!
you should angle me
Mark: alright.. hang on ..
hang on.. hang on hang on
Jack: you can do this
Mark: eh.. no .. hang on
There you go !
Jack: Oh god oh God! I´m getting dizzy!!
Mark: ok that will be good enough..
Yeahhhh ....!
Jack: Oh Je..hahaha Mark: Oh my God!
what is happening to me ?!
Jack: your guy´s hands are in the air as like he´s really enjoing it ..
Mark: cause I´m gonna be here staring longingly into your eyes....
Jack: Oh my god, what did you do! Mark: Oh God! What happened?!
Jack: Where am I?
Mark: Are you ready to go ?
Jack: I don´t trust anything that you are doing right now..
Mark: Hey ! why wouldn´t you trust me ?
Jack: look at your face!
Mark: Hep! I´m in the chair
Let´s go!
Whoaaa... Jack: oh god oh god
Mark: I´m on this with you
Jack: I can´t see anything , your chair is in my face !
No I´m still here. I´m fine
Mark: No no hang on
Jack: your crappy design doesn´t go anywhere
Mark: Ohh.. don´t make fun of my design , it´s very sensitive about itself
you´re not going anywhere ... Jack: Exactly!
Mark: yay there you go !
Jack: there we go! there we go!
Mark: Get outta here !!
wheeeee....! Jack: Where am I ?!
Mark: oh you´re like a beautiful rocket! Jack: ouch ... ouch...
Mark: Where did you go?
Wheeeee.... !
Jack: Jesus!
Mark: and then you go into the water
underwater talk
Jack: stupid rocket design!
Mark: I got an even better design!
Jack: Oh really!?
Mark: I´ve got an even better design...
like... some weird noises Done !
look at this , look at this buddy
Jack: Where ?!
Mark: Look at this, I built it
I built all of this , I built all this by myself
Jack: Oh oh yeah, thats so good , you´re such a genius ..
Mark: I´m really good at "Gmod"!
Jack: we neet to have a... Oh stop it ! Mark: No!
Jack: why ?!
Mark: Why aren´t they activated?
Jack: They hit me , they hit me Mark: there goes one ...
Jack: You can but it´s not working Mark: I got another, I got another...
Jack: Oh oh.. oh oh... Mark: There´s fire , you´re on fire now!
hahaha you just sank under... Oh God!
Jack:How´s there fire under the water?
Mark: Whoaaa hey buddy!
Jack: Watermelons Mark dinner is ready
Mark: really? really?... Jack: watermelons.. watermelons...
Mark: of all the stuff you could have made you made watermelons...? fine
Jack: babies
Mark: no! babies ?
you´re gonna boil....
Jack: I´m gonna boil babies....
I´m just looking around the map right now all that is here is watermelons, babies, a hoovercraft and blood ...
Mark: yeah that sounds like a fun party , huh ..?
Jack: That´s a good time
Jack: I´ve lost all respect for you , after your building abillities... hahaha
Mark: How do I put thrusters on a baby?
That is the question that everyone should ask themselves
Jack: that is something I never thought anyone would ever say!
How do I , how do I out thrusters on a baby ?!
Mark: How do I, how do I launch this baby into space ?
like ... How do I do it?!?
Ohh my God !! What the hell!
Jack: Is there a baby on that ?! Mark: Are you seeing what I´m seeing ?!
Mark: are you seeing this?
Where did it go?
Jack: I.. I.. Unfortunately I am...
I put on a thruster on a baby and I don´t know where it went...
Mark: Whoa whoa whoa... baby baby baby Jack: There it is ! there it is ...
Mark: Baby´s gone ...
There we go ..
There we go ! bye baby !
Jack: bye baby...
Mark: oh there´s the baby...
Jack: Oh god ... Mark: I can´t follow, it´s too fast!
Jack: You´re ok?
Mark: nah.. you need a nappy? Jack: you ok?
I-I say it like a normal person ! Mark: How´s that ?
Jack: room!
Mark: That´s stupid! you´re a communist or something .. I don´t care !
Jack: you´re the only one who says room! Mark: No no no no
Jack: even your friends make fun of you ! Mark:no no no no
I talked to my brother , he says it the same way!
it´s just the way we lived in...
Jack: same family !
Mark: How could I possibly forget !!
Jack: RUN!
Mark:oh that´s weird ...
not.. at all what was I expecting..
Come out to play!!! Jack: whaaaaa...
Mark: and make it a fun time for you... Jack: Oh sweet lord...
I leave you for 5 minutes ... Mark: wargh...
I just don´t know..
when I think of a scottish , I think of a big burly man with a big red beard
and a fire in his eyes and a kilt that goes up to his thights
and just like leaves nothing to the imagination
you know what I´m talking about ? you know what I´m talking about?...
sexy burly...-ehh no...- sexy burly
sexy burly scottishman .. Jack: I think you´re on your own with that one ...
tossing their lumber around, tossing their cables..
and then .. (lot´s of weird noises...) Jack: relax .. relax.. bring it back ! b-bring it back...
Mark: what happend? what happened?..
Jack: you just blacked out and fantasised about big burly scottishman ...
Mark: What ,No ! Why would I do that ? that doesn´t seem right ....
Argh.. No.. I wouldn´t , no
Mark: where ? where!? Jack: It was in the sand!
Whoaa Whoaa!!!
What is happening ?!?
Jack: Ostriches can fly!!
Mark: What´s going on ?
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Gmod Sandbox w/ JackSepticEye

1172 Folder Collection
Elsie Lin published on December 25, 2015
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