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  • There's this one girl...

  • You saw her for the first time in the elevator of your apartment building.

  • You guys actually had a really nice conversation.

  • She's perfect. She's beautiful. She's your whole universe.

  • Food, water, shelter, and her.

  • After a few conversations, you've already fallen in love with her.

  • You start to feel like she's the one.

  • You've already imagined the fairy tale romance you'll both share for the rest of your lives.

  • When you go to sleep at night, you close your eyes and cuddle with your pillow, pretending like it's her.

  • Now you're dreaming, and she's in it. God she's beautiful.

  • She grabs your hand and looks at you in the eye and says "I love you".

  • Your heart melts. You go in for a kiss. Then you wake up.

  • Reality hits you. You catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and are disgusted because deep down you know that your obsession with her is unhealthy.

  • You keep telling yourself that your puppy love is endearing.

  • Listen to me, it's not. It's toxic.

  • Why? Because you're not going to get this girl.

  • Maybe she has a boyfriend, maybe she has no idea you like her, maybe she put you in the friend zone.

  • None of these situations will end well for you.

  • Let's say she already has a boyfriend. You are the I'll-be-here-when-you-breakup guy.

  • You patiently wait for her to break up so that you can be there for the rebound.

  • You'll end up waiting for years until one day you log onto Facebook and see this.

  • So let's say you're not that guy, but if the girl you're in love with doesn't even know that you like her, then you're the I-can't-tell-her-how-I-feel guy.

  • You're so scared to ruin the friendship that you won't tell her you're attracted to her.

  • She has no clue you like her.

  • When you invite her over to Netflix and chill, you both literally watch Netflix and chill.

  • You know you should tell her how you feel, but instead you jerk off to the thought of being together every night.

  • Maybe you're not this guy either.

  • That means you are the friend-zoned guy.

  • You've tried asking her out, and maybe she's even agreed to go on a few dates with you.

  • But in the end, you got the "I don't wanna ruin our friendship" talk.

  • Now you're basically like her gay BFF, providing her emotional support when she complains about the guy she's dating.

  • You're hoping she'll come around and realize what a great guy you are, but she doesn't.

  • So what do you do in these situations? Well, you're going to stop.

  • Stop living under the delusion that she's the one. She's not the only girl for you.

  • She's not the only girl who will ever understand you.

  • Stop spending so much of your time on a girl that doesn't like you back.

  • With the time that you're wasting pining over this girl, you could be finding a girl that does like you back.

  • Stop feeding your obsessive behavior. Stop stalking her Instagram, her Facebook, her Snapchat.

  • In fact, don't ever look at them again.

  • So here's what you're going to do right after watching this video.

  • Step one: You're going to ask her out. If you've already asked her out and she wasn't interested, then skip to the next step.

  • Step two: If she isn't enthusiastic about the prospect of having romantic relations with you, then move the fuck on.

  • And do the following.

  • One: Talk to more girls.

  • Talk to the girls standing next to you in line. Talk to the girl at the metro stop. Talk to your cute co-worker.

  • Talk to as many girls as you can, because the more girls you talk to, the more likely you are to meet someone you mutually connect with.

  • Number two: Start working on your damn self.

  • You've spent most of your waking hours thinking about this girl.

  • And now that you have free time, go outside. Go traveling. Go to the gym. Get some hobby. Learn a new language. Go out with your friends.

  • Women like guys who lead interesting lives.

  • Invest in yourself and it'll pay off tenfold.

  • You'll be so glad you did.

  • I'm gonna tell you what I wish somebody had told me ten years ago.

  • You know that girl? The girl that you've decided is the one for you?

  • The girl you've already imagined a fairy tale romance with.

  • The one you fantasize about at night.

  • The girl you're sure is the only one for you.

  • Listen to me. You're wrong about her. You are wrong.

  • You're life is not a romantic comedy. She's not going to come around someday.

  • She's not going to leave her boyfriend.

  • She's not the only one out there.

  • You know who's actually the one for you? One of these girls you won't bother getting to know because you're too obsessed over a girl that doesn't like you back.

  • So stop making excuses and go meet more girls.

  • That's how you find the one.

  • No fucking excuses. Just go.

There's this one girl...

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How To Get A Girl That Doesn't Like You Back

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