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  • Can you see over there ?

  • What doyou see ? Doyou see Kit ?

  • [ Agent ] Am l tying foryou or not tying ?

  • [ Kit] You're tying, but l want at least the same--

  • l know l ain't gonna be treated like MightyWhitey in this town.

  • l put in 25years in the theater before coming to Holl_ood.

  • Carol, we are almost ready. My darling,

  • l still don't see why l can't meet the man l'm going to be working with.

  • He wants to impress you with his acting, and he needs his total concentration.

  • Oh, that'sjustyoung ! l know.

  • l wish once l could workwith someone who had honed their craft.

  • But right now we need that scene, Carol.

  • He may not be a professional, but l am.

  • Oh, Carol. [ Makes Kissing Sound ]

  • White boys get all the Oscars. l-l t's a fact.

  • We know that, but look, look. Did l get a nomination ?

  • No. You know why ? 'Cause l ain't played none ofthem slave roles or get my ass whipped.

  • That's when you get the nominations.

  • Black dude play a slave role, get his ass whipped, he gets the nomination.

  • White boy play an idiot, they get the Oscar.

  • Find me a script as a retarded slave, then l get the Oscar.

  • Oh. l'm gonna schmooze. l'll be right back.

  • Yeah. Go find that script.

  • '' Buck, the Wonder Slave.''

  • Okay, here we go.

  • Sound.

  • Lights !

  • Roll her.

  • When you left Phoenix, it wasn't becauseyou wanted to raise soybeans.

  • You had to get away. Why ? Was it becauseyou wanted me and it burned inside ofyou ?

  • l beg your pardon ? Come back to Phoenix.

  • Stop this madness. Let me in on whatever mission this is thatyou're doing.

  • [ Kit ] Do you know who l am ?

  • You're Keith Kincaid. You've come down from Wyoming...

  • with your damn U.F.O# s.

  • You bastard ! Bastard ! Bastard !

  • - Because you prefer alien love ! - Atien tove ?

  • Why'd you say ''alien love'' ?

  • You triggered the voices. Oh !

  • Freddy !

  • Take me to Tery Stricter ! Now !

  • We got it.

Can you see over there ?

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Bowfinger (3/10) Movie CLIP - Buck the Wonder Slave (1999) HD

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