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  • Damn it, Hal ! l'm the biggest black action star in the wortd !

  • Where's my ''Hasta Ia vista, babg'' _

  • My ''Hasta la vista.'' IfArnold Schwarnzencracker is gettin' to say lines like that,

  • you better make sure that Kit Ramsey has shit that's equallywell-written.

  • The script has that moment.

  • You say, ''l enjoyed meeting you, Cliff.''

  • Then you push the guy right over the cliff.

  • That's too much for the audience to think about. They have to know the guy's name is Cliff.

  • that he's on a cliff. and that Cliffand cliff are the same.

  • l t's too cerebral. We're tying to make a movie, not a film.

  • You're supposed to be the agent !

  • You better find me a line as good as the time l told Tommy LeeJones,

  • '' Fucky'all,'' and blew his brains out.

  • You know what's happenin' here ?

  • This is another example ofthe white man takin' all the best catch phrases...

  • and then givin' them to Arnold or Stallone.

  • AndJackie Chan and Van Damme.

  • They can't even speak English good.

  • There's covert stuffgoin' on. Some covert shit l just found out.

  • Come inside. l'm glad you're here. Come in here.

  • Right now, eveybody. Come here.

  • Whatyou talkin' about ?

  • l scanned in the computer the script to see how many times the letter '' K''...

  • appears in the script.

  • The letter '' K'' appears in this script 1 ,456 times.

  • That's perfectly divisible by three.

  • So what'reyou sayin' ? What am l sayin' ?

  • '' K-K-K'' appears in this script 486 times.

  • Kit--

  • The sickness is deep. They playin' you.

  • l've been played.

  • This is a great script. It's not Shakespeare, but--

  • - What'd youjust say ? - l said, it's not Shakespeare, but--

  • lt's not Shake-- It's not Shake-- Did you hearwhat he's doin' ?

  • Yeah. l know he's doin' something. l just can't put my finger on it.

  • Yeah. What's he doin' ?

  • Shakespeare, Freddy, Shakespeare !

  • Shake-a-spear. Spear-chucker.

  • - l'm a spear-chucker now. - Kit !

  • Call me a spear-chucker, huh ? That's not what it means !

  • lt's my imagination, huh ? It's all my imagination.

  • They didn't put a computer chip in LaToyaJackson's brain. Shejust acts like that, huh ?

  • l suppose Teddy Kennedy ain't one-sixteenth black, huh ?

  • - Teddy Kennedy ? - He's not like other Kennedys. Look at him ! He's different !

  • l got some calls to make.

  • And Van Damme andJackie Chan.

  • Tell 'em the spear-chucker said hello !

Damn it, Hal ! l'm the biggest black action star in the wortd !

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Bowfinger (2/10) Movie CLIP - Spearchucker Says Hello! (1999) HD

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