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BigSkyGod has boyfriend?
No boyfriend now
He is on the bottom line
Yasuo maybe
Where are they? Are they on the bottom line?
He is here
The Elise did not move
God Escape
Nice profit
I controlled the mid line
We dominate the bottom line too
Wanna teleport here?
Impulse is the devil
So much money
Bad manner =_=
Have you ever seen strike from the sky?
This is the strike from the sky
I'm sorry. He can not detect from the sky with Burrow
He can only detect nearby on the ground
Alistar's God Escape
Time to eat the beaf
My spear is faster
Let MY dragon attack you
Almost killed by the dragon?
Are there someone tanks the dragon?
Crossblade from outside
Allies got massacred
God Escape II
Avoid been seen by enemy's minion by moving a little bit backward
Connect the dots
Connect the dots
Still connecting the dots, but allies are almost been killed
Time to strike back
MSE M1ssion's Penta Kill
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天神系列#07 從天而降的掌法 Strike from The Sky

751 Folder Collection
437 published on December 15, 2015
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