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What will school look like in the future?
We asked some experts.
Speaker 1: At my future school, when they go on field trips there are portals,
so they can travel to Africa or Asia, or go into space.
Speaker 2: This is my school of the future.
When you walk inside there's TVs on the ceiling, the floor, and all sides of the wall.
If they say, I want to learn about Earth, a big picture of Earth would pop up.
Then it would talk about what Earth is made of.
Speaker 3: About the future, there's flying school buses.
Speaker 4: Instead of walking home
a jet fire pack comes out, and you can fly home.
Speaker 5: You go on a space rocket to get to school.
A space rocket school bus.
Speaker 2: And so, what you do is, I want to learn about the Eiffel Tower,
and then a picture of the Eiffel Tower would appear
on every single wall and then it would appear in 3D.
Speaker 6: Without leaving my house, I might as well just have a, the same as me, but it's just a hologram acting like me. I'm still doing what I just want to do, and then I just send in the hologram, and the hologram does the work.
Speaker 7: The floating school of mythology. They go around the world in the boat,
and talk to people in places like Egypt, Asia, and Greece. And like solve the mysteries, do stuffs like that.
Speaker 8: School would be on a flying saucer.
From the school you could see the Earth, the Moon, and sometimes you would visit the stars and the Milky Way.
Speaker 9: My school of the future would have a machine,
if you forgot your lunch you would have to press buttons and then it would fly out of the machine,
and you could have whatever you wanted. It could be really useful in the future.
The experts agree. There's no limit to what school can be.
Speaker 6: How it's going to happen in the future
because probably somebody is going to be really, really smart and that's like,
knows how to make something like that, and then they'll make it and everything will be better than that.
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The School of the Future: There's No Limit to What School Can Be

45321 Folder Collection
Christina Lin published on May 2, 2017    Christina Lin translated    Raina reviewed
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