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Well, hello again, Yoshiki.
One question about the band's sound style.
A lot of people wonder if you still fit in Visual Kei, or if it's post-Visual Kei or something else.
How the band faces this question?
I know musicians don't like this genre thing, but...
How do you see X-Japan's style today?
Carrying on the question about style...
You're currently finishing up a new album,
and, at the same time, are in an world tour.
With this cultural shock from other audiences,
how does that influence the band's new work?
Hi, Yoshiki.
After so much time without playing with the band,
you had any difficulties getting together with the other members?
Carrying on his question,
hide did a lot of songs, composed, right.
I'd like to know, how was to compose without him, new songs.
The new influences...
How did you managed that without him?
[Question: How SUGIZO acts in composing?]
But what about the composing?
Good evening. I'd like to know about the song "Art of Life",
which is a song that's different from the X repertory, because it has half an hour in duration.
When did you feel that you were ready,
as an artist,
to compose a song that magnificent.
And from where did you get the inspiration for both the lyrics and melody.
Good evening.
I'd like to know your opinion about the Japanese music evolution,
since the creation of the band...
The evolution of the Japanese music overseas, the acceptance...
Since the time when the band was created until now, especially in Brazil.
Thank you a lot for seeing us in here, despite of having so much to do.
Until now, have you been receiving lots of messages from the Brazilian fans?
Mostly through my twitter, @YoshikiOfficial
And when I talk to the Brazilian fans,
their reaction is the greatest in the world.
It's really cool.
And because of that only, I couldn't wait to come to Brazil.
I was happy with so much love.
Good evening. First of all, welcome to Brazil.
I'd like to know if you have any influence, in your songs, from brazilian music.
If you know any band, any Brazilian song,
that you used in compositions or you like.
I'd like to know what you're expecting from the public, that's surely different
from Americans, Japanese, if you think that it will be different playing on Brazil.
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X-Japan Tour Brasil 2011 - Coletiva de Imprensa (Completa)

323 Folder Collection
劉東來 published on December 13, 2015
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