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  • Wait.

  • This one's not falling for it.

  • This one ain't dumb.

  • He's trying to trick us.

  • Use your bomb.

  • lt's our last one.

  • What else you going use it for?

  • So what if we make it to the rocks. We'll be dead in three days anyway.

  • l want to live for the three days.

  • What the hell? What's the matter?

  • -Use the bomb, for God's sake! -Throw that bomb, man!

  • Scare 'em away!

  • Throw the bomb!

  • This bastard ain't smarter than us.

  • For Chrissake, Val!

  • -l'm going to go for it. -Go for what?

  • -What are you doing? -l got a goddamn plan!

  • Where the hell is it?

  • l've got it!

  • This better be one hell of a great plan!

  • Get ready!

  • -Light it, man! -Not yet.

  • What are you waiting for?

  • Go!

  • Come on!

  • Too far! You threw it behind him.

  • Run!

  • Can you fly, you sucker?

  • lt just suddenly hit me, you know.

  • Stampede.


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Tremors (10/10) Movie CLIP - Can You Fly, You Sucker? (1990) HD

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