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  • MSF's Mweso Hospital, North Kivu Province, Democratic Republic of Congo

  • I work with MSF by going into my community to explain to young people

  • what to do if they are ill, and about family planning.

  • I tell pregnant women to consult a health care provider,

  • and if they transfer you to the hospital, that is welcome

  • because the hospital can provide resources that you cannot get in the health center.

  • During the seventh month of my pregnancy,

  • I went to the clinic for a regular prenatal visit.

  • They told me that the pregnancy was almost to term

  • and the baby was in a transverse position.

  • They said I should get ready to come to the hospital to give birth.

  • I was ready to come here on a specific date,

  • but before that date, I started having contractions.

  • When they got very strong, I went to the health center.

  • They asked me to get transportation to the hospital.

  • My family went to go find a motorbike.

  • When they found one, I got on the motorbike

  • with the midwife and we left for the hospital.

  • It cost 10 dollars.

  • We left Kalembe at 10 a.m.

  • and stopped to rest in Kassouka around 11.

  • Then we went on [for another hour] to the hospital.

  • I was admitted to the delivery room.

  • I knew the baby's position was wrong.

  • I was afraid he might have died during the trip.

  • Dr. Claudine told me the baby still alive

  • and that she would take me to the operating room for the Cesarean.

  • The contractions were strong and I was in pain.

  • They gave me a spinal block so the surgeon and the assistant

  • could talk to me during the operation.

  • I heard a high voice and I wondered

  • "Who is that?' "What is the sex?"

  • When they told me it was a boy, I was very happy.

  • He does not have a name yet.

  • [Even though] he has been here in the land of humans for three days,

  • but newborns are given a name at home by their father.

MSF's Mweso Hospital, North Kivu Province, Democratic Republic of Congo

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剛果民主共和國的產科護理 Obstetric care in DRC

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